Endgame Survival Training #1

Five years ago, there were a series of endings offered at The Chess Drum. We will restart this exercise with some basic endings and elevate to more complicated endings.

A practical chance to save a losing position.
Can you find the drawing sequence?

White to play and draw!


  1. Daaim, What about that possibility of FAMU loosing its accredidation because of the death of the bandmember. They re not discussing that issue with Penn State.

    1. Of course not! Penn State has clout and FAMU has had other issues that will give accrediting body a rationale for sanction. We have had some problems with financial management as well. However, we did not see the firestorm of media criticism after this Penn State case. You barely heard it on the media. In the FAMU case, you heard it every single day for months. Also FAMU is an HBCU with about 13,000 student and Penn State is a huge empire with influential donor who can keep things quiet. There is also the racial element.

  2. I see! It’s either 2…Kxf5? stalemate or its going to be a draw by threefold repetition or 50 moves because if black refuses the 2…Kxf5 stalemate (or …Kf4 stalemate, or …Kf3 stalemate), white’s king goes g4-f5-g4-f5 forevever.

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