Day: December 16, 2012

  • 2012 Zimbabwe Open

    From Clive Mphambela on Facebook… Friends please note that the Zim Open is on 29th Dec to 1st January 2013. Entry Fees are $10.00 Adults $5.00 Scholars. $20.00 will be paid by Visitors. IM’s Chitumbo Mwale, Gwaze, Mabusela, FM Makoto Are invited and will be exempt from entry fees. They…

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  • 2012 World Mind Games (Beijing, China)

    The 2012 World Minds Sports Games in progress in Beijing, China. This unique tournament will feature five sports including bridge, go, draughts, xiangqi (Chinese chess) and international chess. This tournament features an number of top players in each of these mind sports competing in different categories. For chess, it will…

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