2012 Chess Olympiad: Round #4

Top Boards (Open)

USA 2-2 India
Russia 3-1 China
Azerbaijan 2-2 Germany
France 2-2 England
Philippines 1½-2½ Armenia

Full Results

The contenders are beginning to rise to fore as many of the heavyweights are now facing off in crucial contests. Russia got a crucial win by beating China handily 3-1 with Grischuk crushing Wang Yue and Jakovenko grinding Li Chao down slowly. Russia keeps their perfect score and sits atop the field along with the Ukraine, Hungary and Armenia.

Russia vs. China vs. Ukraine, 3-1

Two contending teams at battle. Russia won this match over China 3-1.
Photo by Arman Karakhayan.

The Ukraine and Hungary won 3-1 over Poland and Slovakia while Armenia eked out a win against the upstart Philippines 2½-1½. Armenia will face Ukraine in a matchup of the past two Olympiad champions and Russia will face Hungary.

Top Boards (Women)

India 2-2 Serbia
Czech Republic 1-3 Russia
Slovakia 2-2 Poland
France 3½-½ Argentina
Germany 1-3 China

Full Results

Russia vs. Czech Republic, 3-1

Russia leaped atop the field after beating the Czech Republic 3-1.
Photo by Arman Karakhayan.

Russia surged into the lead with a 3-1 win over the Czech Republic. The defending Olympiad champions got wins on the bottom boards from Nadezhda Kosintseva and Natalija Pogonina. France joined Russia on 4/4 with a 3½-½ romp over Argentina. The two will face before the first rest day.

Poland-Slovakia was knotted at 2-2 and China got back on trace with a 3-1 decision over Germany. Georgia crushed Cuba 4-nil and joined 10 other teams on seven points. Marquee matches in round five are: Russia-France, Serbia-Bulgaria, Greece-Poland, Georgia-Slovakia and regional matchup of China-India.

Sharanya Iyengar (Kenya)

Kenyan sensation Sharanya Iyengar has been a popular subject for photographers. Iyengar is the, junior champion of Kenya. Photo by Arman Karakhayan.

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