Lubbock welcomes Dyhemia Young

The story of Dyhemia Young has become well-known. After surviving a turbulent lifestyle as a runaway and moving in and out of foster homes, the 15-year old may have received a turn in fortune when her mentor Adisa Banjoko encouraged her to find consolation in the game of chess. Banjoko, who founded the Hip-Hop Chess Federation, has as a mission to help troubled youth like Dyhemia. On yesterday, this help came and could be a life-changer… even life-saver.

Dyhemia Young arrives in Lubbock, Texas for the Polgar Invitational.

Dyhemia Young arrives in Lubbock, Texas for the Polgar Invitational.
Photo by Paul Truong.

Dyhemia was invited to the 2011 Susan Polgar Girls’ Invitational as part of the “Cinderella” theme, a notion that one can succeed despite being an underdog, or less-favored. She arrived in Lubbock, Texas with her custodian Sheila Young to a throng of well-wishers holding signs and also Susan Polgar who presented her a bouquet of flowers.

The Polgar Foundation released a video of Dyhemia arriving for the tournament. Polgar’s husband FM Paul Truong can be seen greeting Dyhemia and discussing the generosity of actress Jada Pinkett-Smith with Ms. Young. Pinkett-Smith is the wife of megastar actor Will Smith, a hobbyist chess player. Dyhemia was excited and grateful of the generosity and quipped about meeting Will Smith’s son, Trey Smith. 🙂

The Chess Drum community supports Dyhemia Young!

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  1. Great coverage! Thank you Dyhemia for being a positive role model; and big sister! Good Luck to All African Females (3) Competing in the Polgar Tournament! You are winners already! Keep on rising to the top!

  2. Good story. Good skill to all participants in the Susan Polgar Girl’s Invitational Tournament !

  3. What a great story! Thanks Daaim for covering. And thanks to Susan for continuing to sponsor these events that have meant so much to so many.

  4. It was a pleasure to meet and spend time with Dyhemia last week in Texas. She truly lights up a room when she walks in. Chess has opened doors to this young lady. 1). Attracting the attention of such world renown people as Susan Polgar &, Will & Jada Smith.
    2). Meeting and competing with 44 of the top females from each state. She left there with many new positive friends and 3). Winning the $40,000 scholarship has truly got her thinking about college!

  5. Congratulations Dyhemia Young on never giving up when the odds were stacked so high against you. There will be many peaks and valleys in life, hopefully there will be more peaks than valleys. Stay strong, be positive.
    Best Regards,
    Derrick Bryant

  6. Congratulations Dyhemia! And much praise to Susan Polgar for making it all possible. There’s no doubt you can be successful, but be careful whom you surround yourself with.

    All the best


  7. Congratulations Dyhemia, whose perserverance and dedication led to great success in the chess community. We are glad that you became inspired by Susan Polgar, as we were too; we started our first tournaments at her chess club in Queens, NY and we will always be thankful for everything that she has done for us. You have definitely showed that you can overcome any obstacle with dedication and hard work, to strive for greatness. We are looking forward in meeting you someday.
    Congratulations Again,
    Jehron and Nigel Bryant.

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