WCC 2010-10: Topalov charges but Anand holds

Topalov and Anand battle in Game 10’s Grunfeld Defense. Photo by Chessvibes.

This world championship will go down go down as one of the best in the past 25 years. The play has not been stellar, but the fighting between the two players has been admirable and the games (and the match) have been accented by twists and turns. Game #10 was no different.

Anand had won a moral challenge by polishing off the Grunfeld to prove that the devastating loss in Game #1 was merely a lack of attention to details. He was able to get a good position with a slight edge at some stages.

However, Anand spurned winning a pawn and ended up facing the wrath of Topalov’s laser bishops in an open board. Topalov pressed to squeeze a full point, but Anand’s nimble knight played a big role in blockading white’s passed pawn and sealing off black’s rear. Topalov had to concede half-point. (See Game #10)

With two games remaining, both players realize that a loss at such a high level will be competitively fatal, so the last two games will be interesting. Topalov clearly has the momentum and may try to press in Game #12 with white.

Some fans state that 12 games is too short of a match, but of course these players have expended tremendous energy thus far. It may have been ideal to play 12 games in Bulgaria and 12 games in India, but that will have to be a suggestion for the next cycle. Today is a rest day and we will look forward to an exciting finale!

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