Belize Chess carries on!

Belize Belize Belize

Today I found an interesting clip on a chess camp held in the jungles of Belize. The idea of the camp was spawned by Ms. Ella Anderson, who got the inspiration from her work in New York City. From this experience, she was able to bring the chess culture to Belize. Below is a story that was posted on YouTube back in 2007.

The story is like so many others we’ve seen, but it is different because Belize (formerly British Honduras) does not have much of a chess culture. A few years back The Chess Drum reported on a youth tournament organized by Glenn Reneau. Since that time, Ms. Anderson has held camps and have invited players such as WIM Jennifer Shahade to give lectures.

Visit and see the work being done in his small nation!


  1. This is great to see Daaim. Let us hope that before long we will see Belizean teams of all levels participating in chess competitions, regionally and otherwise. Ms. Anderson seems to be one of those individuals who come along (often the proverbial “rare breed”) and make a tremendous difference in an oft-ignored, but very important, area of life in a country. Best wishes to her and her support staff from the Jamaican chess fraternity.

    “Big Ups” also to Maurice for being involved in the process and the progress.

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