Ethiopian Chess thanks Donors!

Ethiopia had a very difficult time getting to Dresden for the 2008 Chess Olympiad. Having to navigate through the challenges of the visa process, they were able to travel and make a good showing. Of particular note was Desalegn Fekadu’s draw with a GM Alexander Baburin of Ireland.

Kebadu Belachew (right) thanks ChessBase for this accomplishment. During the Olympiad, Belachew was responsible for helping the team prepare for opponents, but the Internet was slow and it made the process unfeasible. After visiting the ChessBase vendor, they decided to donate software to the federation.

Immediately, Ethiopia put the software to work and Fekadu’s draw was due to preparation. “It helped us tremendously,” stated an elated Belachew.

In addition, DGT Projects donated a number of digital clocks which were put to use in a youth tournament. DGT has become the leading innovator is digital chess technology. Euro Schach Dresden donated sets and boards and the federation was able to provide children with the environment for a small tournament.

The recent youth tournament in Addis Ababa was in appreciation for the donations. Belachew asserts that chess is capable of helping the youth avoid negative influences. His hope is to help children socially and to lead balanced lives. The Ethiopian Chess Federation organized the youth event. Belachew, based in the USA, stated he was elated that they were able to show appreciation to the donors. He joins the federation in giving thanks to ChessBase, DGT Projects and Schach Euro for helping to make a difference!

Ethiopian Youth Tournament

Ethiopia Ethiopia Ethiopia

Tough battle in progress!

Young girls appear focused under the watchful eye of
Olympiad veteran Yimam Abera.

Proud winners are all smiles!

Olympiad veteran FM Yimam Abera receives a commendation.


  1. Hi fellow African Chess players. Merry Christmas and have a happy new year.
    Its time to swallow our pride and call Patrick Wanda back to the chess community.This continent is dying.We need people who are willing to improve the development of the sport.TIME 4 CHANGE.

  2. Dear Daaim,

    Thanks so much for posting the story. As always, thechessdrum is there to tell our story and be heard by the world.

    Just want to make a small correction which I might have lead you to during our phone conversation. It was Eleonora (nora) Zwaan, who made the donation as you can see it in the picture. I am sure my friend Albert must have been part of it. Just wanted to make Nora’s name to be mentioned too as she was the primary person behind the donation.

    Thanks again and keep up your good and kind work.


  3. Kebadu,

    Yes… Albert Vasse is the Managing Director of DGT. I’ve made some changes. Thanks for the name.

    Does anyone have the name of the children in the photos? I have a few more.

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