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Philadelphia is the home to one of the world's most accomplished players of African descent. When one looks at the chess résumé of Elvin Wilson, it's an endless string of successes stemming from his days as a scholastic standout until his current reign as the Philadelphia champion.

Elvin made master at age 18 and played on legendary scholastic teams at Washington High School and was highly-touted as a chess prodigy. Learning chess at Cooke Junior High (1983-1986), Elvin states that this beginning has definitely paid dividends in all areas of his life. Elvin explains,

"After Junior High School I continued my chess career at George Washington High School (1986-1989), one of the best chess programs in the country at the time. After High School, I enlisted into the Air Force (1990-2000) where I have traveled and competed all over the world. I am currently a Computer Information Science (CIS) major at Temple University." 

Despite an impressive chess résumé, Elvin isn't done yet. The down-to-earth chess titan hopes to achieve his quest of earning the International Master title.  Best wishes Elvin!!

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FIDE Profile

USCF Profile

Tournament Successes

  1. PA State Scholastic Tournament (3rd, PA 1987)
  2. PA State Scholastic Tournament (Co-Champion, PA 1988)
  3. National High School Tournament (Co-Champion, NM 1988)
  4. Tri-State Scholastic Tournament (Co-Champion, PA 1988)
  5. Arnold Denker Tournament of High School Champions (4th, MA 1988)
  6. PA State Scholastic Tournament (Co-Champion, PA 1989)
  7. Bloomsburg Open (1st, PA 1990)
  8. Texas Armed Forces Championship (1st TX, 1992)
  9. Air Force Championship (1st, MD 1992)
  10. Armed Forces Championship (1st, MD 1993)
  11. Armed Forces Championship (Co-Champion, MD 1998)
  12. Marchand Open (Co-Champion, NY 2000)
  13. New York Open (Tied 1st u/2400, NY 2000)
  14. World Open (Tied 1st u/2250, PA 2000)
  15. Franklin Mercantile February Action Tournament (1st)
  16. 2001 Philadelphia Championship (1st)

Team Successes

  1. Cooke Jr. High School Chess Team 1983-1986
  2. Washington High School 1986-1989
  3. US Air Force Chess Team 1992-1999
  4. US Armed Forces Chess Team 1992 (NATO Tournament)
  5. Ramstein/Miesenbach Chess Team 1993-1994 (Germany)
  6. Mate By Force 1995 (US Amateur Team Championship East, Co-Championship, NJ 1995)

Special Chess Course

Participated in "The American School of Chess" seminar taught by GM Edmar Mednis (New York 1988)

Teaching and Coaching

  1. Assistant Coach at St. Joseph's Prep High School (1999-present)
  2. Noureddine Ziane's Chess Academy (Summer 2000)
  3. Currently teaching chess at John Reynolds Elementary School, Douglass Elementary School & Temple University (PACEP Program)
  4. United States Chess Federation (USCF) Certified Chess Coach

Significant Accomplishments

  1. National Master title (May 1990 [At 18])
  2. 2501 FIDE performance rating (2000 New York Open)
  3. Official commentator at the Wilbert Paige Memorial International Chess Tournament with National Master Jerald Times and International Grandmaster Maurice Ashley (July 2001)

Training Methods

The best advice that I can offer is a quote from GM Walter Browne, "To be the best you have to watch the best." That means going over their games (especially annotated games).

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