RZA seeks 30-second chess rap!

The RZA of the Wu Tang Clan has issued a “Rap Challenge” to rappers worldwide to produce a 30-second rap on chess. He also makes a quick pitch for wuchess.com which launched on June 2nd. The Wu Tang Clan has just ended a successful concert tour and will no doubt be playing on the networking chess site.

There have already been couple of responses including one by The Rugged Monk. Monk was the Wu Tang member who overlooked a bankrank mate a rook up against the RZA in the Hip Hop Chess Federation’s King’s Invitational. Chess is a main theme in Wu Tang’s songs and RZA may be looking for a lead to his next CD.

Check out WuChess.com!!

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  1. This is a video with RZA receiving a gift at the “9 Queens Invitational” from Jean Hoffman. The tournament was co-hosted by wuchess.com and was held in New York City on July 5, 2008. Hip Hop Chess Federation’s Adisa Banjoko is the emcee.

    9 Queens hosting event and presenting RZA with birthday cake.

    RZA playing tandem chess.

    A nice compilation of the event!

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