Month: July 2007

  • 2007 World Open: YouTube videos!

    I just uploaded two videos to YouTube. Both are of very poor quality because I took it on my digital camera and not a digital camcorder. The first video is not very exciting, but here are some details: This was the first round of the three-day schedule in which the players…

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  • Simutowe examines the Science of Chess

    Perhaps it would serve us more as chess players if we paid attention to psychology, statistics and probability more often. We simply play chess. The aforementioned details… no matter how small, matter a great deal… at least at master level. ~IM Amon Simutowe ~ Zambian International Master Amon Simutowe penned…

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  • interviews South Africa’s Kenny Solomon

      Kenny Solomon on the move at the 2007 South African Open. Photo courtesy of  International Master Kenny Solomon is currently in Algiers, Algeria trying to bring home a medal from the 9th All-Africa Games. Prior to the trip, he won the 2007 South African Open for the 4th time and is…

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  • Media Stories

    Is The Chess Drum a Racist Website?

    Over the years, I have gotten tons of e-mail from chess players all over the world. The Chess Drum has been visited in nearly 200 countries and territories and has peaked at about 200,000 visitors monthly, a lot for a niche site. Most of the traffic outside of its American…

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  • 9th All-Africa Games: Opening Ceremony

    I have found YouTube videos of the Opening Ceremony. Very exciting and colourful. While the quality is poor the general spirit of the atmosphere can be felt. C’est magnifique! PART ONE [youtube][/youtube] PART TWO [youtube][/youtube] PART THREE [youtube][/youtube] PART FOUR [youtube][/youtube]

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  • 9th All-Africa Games: The Kenyan Principle

     Kenyan ace, Ben Magana  I have found a story on the Kenyan team and their strategy to field their boards in reverse order… from weakest to strongest. This is sometimes called “stacking” your boards. The idea is that the lower boards will be sure points and anything the top board…

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  • The $50,000 Game

    U.S. Chess Life online ran a story about IM Greg Shahade who was in Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker. His sister WGM Jennifer Shahade had won $8,000 and both Greg and father FM Michael Shahade were on the tables. After the WSOP, Greg was contacted by “Danny”…

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  • Ending Laboratory (Bishop)

      “It should be noted that current opening variations come and go, and the evaluation of certain positions change, but the value of knowing how to play endgames well remains constant.” ~ANATOLY KARPOV, Former World Champion~  When I was an up-and-coming junior player, I basically studied openings… all day long. I…

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  • 9th All-Africa Games (Algiers, Algeria)

      The 9th All-Africa Games has started on today with approximately 9,000 athletes from throughout the African continent. The sports festival runs from today July 11th through July 23rd. A report out of Algiers by Aliou Goloko stated, A total of 3,800 referees will oversee athletes competing in 27 sports,…

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  • USA

    2007 World Open: Emory Tate vs. Salvijus Bercys

    Emory Tate (right) showing me his game against Salvijus Bercys, a 27-move gem. * * * Emory Tate approached me and asked, “Is The Chess Drum open for business?” He then demonstrated the game with his usual flair and spell-binding analysis. There was a small crowd, but I hear he…

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