• 2012 World Chess Championship (Anand vs. Gelfand)

    This evening will launch the world championship of chess between two veterans, India’s Viswanathan Anand (defending World Champion) and Israel’s Boris Gelfand (Challenger). The first game of the anticipated match begins May 11th and will be held in Moscow’s Tretyakov Gallery. The prize fund for the match is 2.55 million…

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  • Magnus Carlsen vs. the World Exhibition

    Chess has been looking for an identity since the retirement of its charismatic leader in Garry Kasparov. They may have found one in the world’s top-ranked player in 19-year old Magnus Carlsen. At noon-time, G-Star will host the RAW Chess Challenge with Carlsen taking on the world with the advice…

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  • Sicilian Love: Polgar-Kaidanov Match

    I remember being a rising junior in Chicago and a Sicilian fanatic. In my arsenal were the Najdorf, Dragon and Sveshnikov. I walked around with a large amount of theory… in some cases reaching into the endgame. I also cherished a book called “Sacrifices in the Sicilian” and was influenced…

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  • Kamsky vs. Topalov (Sofia, Bulgaria)

    Gata Kamsky will take on the world’s highest-rated player in Veselin Topalov is an eight-game match to determine who will challenge Viswanathan Anand in the World Championship match. After a long tortuous battle of negotiations, the venue will be Sofia, Bulgaria and will begin play on February 18th and end…

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