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  • Michigan’s answer to violence: Hip Hop Chess?

       Another version of “Hip Hop Chess”? After a spate of killings in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area, the city is looking for ways to channel the energy of the youth during the summer months. Darlene King has devised an idea that she dubs “Hip Hop Chess.” Sound familiar? When I…

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  • Simutowe withdraws from All-Africa Games!

    A recent article from the Zambian Daily Mail states that International Master Amon Simutowe has withdrawn his participation from the 2007 All-Africa Games due to disagreement on conditions with the Chess Federation of Zambia (CFZ). “I regret I will not participate in the All-Africa Games. I had requested my travel…

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  • World Open at Valley Forge

    Valley Forge Convention Center Venue for 2007 World Open The 35th Annual World Open will kick off on the 28th of July with great anticipation. It remains the marquee tournament in the U.S. attracting strong GMs from around the globe. The tournament also has a certain magic and usually unfurls a new…

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  • The Chess Drum

    The Chess Drum releases new blog!

    The Chess Drum has finally released the long-awaited chess blog to complement the 5900-page website. The blog will provide briefs to main stories, video footage, games (and analysis), chess theory, tournament announcements, and live coverage from tournaments. There are hundreds of chess blogs dotting the Internet landscape and The Chess…

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  • Touching Article on R.O. Mitchell

    Two days before R.O. Mitchell’s memorial service ran a very touching article in the Memphis Daily Helmsman by Stephanie Morton. The article revealed a side of Mitchell the chess world would not know. Oftentimes as chess players, we do not get to know the real person behind the board. It…

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  • Hip-Hop Chess Federation releases theme track!

    Adisa Banjoko, the co-founder of the Hip-Hop Chess Federation (HHCF) told me yesterday about tracks written with a chess theme. One of the tracks is an upbeat rap done by TKash and is dubbed as the anthem for the HHCF and it mission of exploring a fusion between chess and hip-hop. It’s tight! Banjoko has…

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  • Nakamura wins National Open!

    GM Hikaru Nakamura emerged victorious after coming off of subpar showings at both Foxwoods Open and the U.S. Championship. It appeared as if he would stumble once again after being held in a wild battle with IM Enrico Sevilliano. Going into the last round against IM Renier Gonzalez, he needed…

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  • 2007 World Open (Valley Forge, USA)

    35th annual WORLD OPEN June 30-July 4, July 1-4, July 2-4 or June 28-July 4, 2007 Valley Forge Radisson & Convention Plaza, King of Prussia, PA$400,000 PROJECTED PRIZES, $280,000 MINIMUM!SPECIAL RULES HAVE BEEN REVISED- SEE BELOW A Heritage Event An American Classic An ACP Qualifier June 30-July 4, July 1-4,…

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  • Media Stories

    2007 U.S. Chess Championship (Stillwater, Oklahoma)

    After a bit of rankling with the organization of the U.S. Championship, the 2007 version will kick off today in Stillwater, Oklahoma with a trimmed 36-player field. This is yet another format from the previous formats which feature both separate and combined fields of up to 64 players. The America…

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