Wafa, Djeroud win African Juniors 2023!

Over a week ago, Africa crowned its Junior champions, with Hamed Wafa (Egypt) and Chahrazed Djeroud (Algeria) earning the continental titles. Thirteen federations sent representatives to Nouakchott, Mauritania, to vie for a place in chess history. Egypt and Algeria have dominated the proceedings in previous years, but several players from other federations were looking for breakthroughs.

In the end, Wafa dominated with 8.5/9, and Djeroud had 8/9. Wafa is the younger brother of Shrook and Shahenda Wafa, both former junior and continental champions. Djeroud has been preceded by Lina Nassr who had won the past two titles and three in total (2017, 2021, 2022). Egypt did not medal in the girls competition for the first time in quite a few years.

Both Banele Mhango (South Africa) and Tarik Hallal (Egypt) scored 6.5/9. Hallal lost to Wafa, but beat Mhango for a better tiebreak, taking silver. Mhango was the only player to nick Wafa for a draw and took bronze. Djeroud, seeded 6th, beat the top seed Roaa Laamim (Morocco) and former champion Luzia Pires (Angola) while ceding draws to Jemima Paulo (Angola) and Chethanah Andhin (Mauritius). Wafa will get the IM title, and Djeroud the WIM title.

Mauritania has not had much of a history in hosting continental events, but took the opportunity to field several local players to gain experience. Mauritania’s FM Mohamed Taleb Abedrrahim was joint champion of last year’s event, but did not play on his home turf. He won the national championship in 2021 and most likely is looking for chances to compete against stronger competition.


Open: https://chess-results.com/tnr848914.aspx?lan=1&art=1&rd=9&turdet=YES&flag=30


Open: https://lichess.org/broadcast/2023-african-individual-junior-chess-championships-open/round-1/DZPHULdl (PGN)
Girls: https://lichess.org/broadcast/2023-african-individual-junior-chess-championships-girls/round-1/D253XtoW


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