11-year-old Deborah Quickpen, Nigerian Chess sensation

Deborah Ebimobo-ere Quickpen, Nigerian Women's National Champion. Photo by Botswana Chess Federation
Deborah Ebimobo-ere Quickpen, Nigerian Women’s National Champion
Photo by Botswana Chess Federation

Nigeria’s Deborah Quickpen recently earned acclaim after winning the women’s title with 9.5/11. At the time of her victory, she had toppled a record that had stood for 20 years and set the stage for a bright future. There are already signs of her budding talent when at age 9, she was the under-10 African Champion in 2021 with 8/9.

“Debby Quick” winning the under-10 championship in Accra, Ghana
Photo by  RefinedNG 

A couple of days ago, Bruvschess reported that the Nigerian phenom is competing in Gaborone, Botswana, at the Besa Masaiti WIM Norm Chess Championship against several titled players from Europe. Quickpen, branded as “Debby Quick,” is one of five African players competing in Gabarone to get a norm. The top seed is frequent African visitor International Master Alina L’Ami of Romania.

It will be a tremendous challenge, but she will gain valuable experience as she heads to the African Championships. She will also lead Nigeria to the Chess Olympiad in Budapest next year. Quickpen is coached by FM Bomo Kigigha, who won his 4th national championship the same day his student won her first.

Video by Channels TV (Lagos, Nigeria)

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