Brewington Hardaway gets 3rd/Final IM norm!

Brewington Hardaway (Twitter)

Brewington Hardaway (Twitter)

In a span of seven months, Brewington Hardaway secured three norms for the title of International Master. His last one came at the 2023 World Open where he scored a strong 6/9 including a key win over GM Illia Nyzhnyk. “Brew” earned his first IM norm and the FM title in January and only a month later earned his second IM norm. Both were at the Marshall Chess Club.

In what has been a whirlwind year of chess improvement Brewington has completed the norm requirement. He made the big announcement on Twitter with the mention of his big win in a theoretical Sicilian with a hedgehog setup.

Brewington Hardaway vs. GM Illia Nyzhnyk

Brewington also played three other Grandmasters with a draw against Aram Hakobyan and losses against Victor Mikhalevski and Lazaro Bruzon. Such a score is decent against such competition and will be a tremendous learning experience as he begins to go for the GM norms.

GM Aram Hakobyan vs. Brewington Hardaway

What the game above shows was his eagerness to fight for the initiative against a higher-rated opponent. That’s an admirable quality and it will take him a long way. Hopefully, Brew will continue to trod his course toward the GM title. Following are two games against legendary figures Cuban legend Lazaro Bruzon (now playing under U.S. federation) and veteran International Master Tim Taylor.

GM Lazaro Bruzon Batista vs. Brewington Hardaway

Brewington Hardaway vs. IM Timothy Taylor

FM Brewington Hardaway (2361-USA)

# Player ELO Nation
1 Matthew Shih 1980 USA
2 Vikram Rajmohan 2075 ENG
3 GM Aram Hakobyan 2613 Armenia
4 IM Jason Liang 2527 USA
5 GM Illia Nyzhnyk 2641 Ukraine
6 GM Victor Mikhalevski 2519 USA
7 Jeffery Wang 2165 USA
8 GM Lazaro Bruzon Batista 2617 USA
9 IM Timothy Taylor 2103 USA
Score: 6-3 IM NORM (PGN Games)

World Open Results (Open)


  1. You put the wrong result for Round 7 against Jeffery Wang. I won that game. Thanks for the article 🙂

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