Tom Murphy wins Chicago’s 3rd Tate Memorial!

International Master Emory Tate is long gone, but certainly not forgotten. In one of his poems he mentioned the symbolism of the lion and the pride. While Tate’s sons Andrew and Tristan channeled their energy into kickboxing instead of chess, he left behind another pride of admirers. One of them was Tom Murphy who used to lock horns with Tate during his days in Washington, DC. It would be poetic justice that Murphy would win this year’s Tate Memorial.

Tom Murphy, Winner of the 2018 Emory Tate Memorial
Photo by Nathan Kelly

According to organizer Nathan Kelly, the event was a blitz tournament with a six-round double round-robin format. This year there were only ten players, but the event was broadcast on Facebook and would precede the Blitz match between Chicago and Detroit. IM Dejan Maksimovic (2364 blitz) was the top seed followed by Daniel X Jones (2273) and Aderemi Adekola (2246).

At 4th seed, Murphy (2074) split with the Maksimovic and Jones and won against the rest of the field. Adekola and Sam Ford (1962) were able to topple Maksimovic (10/14), who won both games against Jones (10/14). It was a brutal fight, but Murphy appeared to be the most consistent and ended only losing three games.

As you may have noticed, there was actually a 7th round played which made things a bit more tense. After Murphy and Jones split games, all that was left was to see the result of the Adekola-Maksimovic match. When the smoke cleared, that match was split and gave Murphy the win!

Intense Analysis!

Tom Murphy vs. Sam Ford

Andrulla Blanchette vs. Tom Murphy

Participants of the 3rd Emory Tate Memorial
Photos by Nathan Kelly

Of course, the tournament was played in the memory of IM Emory Tate and there were many tributes. Here is a nice one by Sam Ford.

…and the winner, Tom Murphy!

Videos by Nathan Kelly



  1. Congratulations to Mr. Tom Murphy for winning first place at the Emory Tate Memorial Chess Tournament in Chicago. Thank you Chess Drum for keeping us updated in what’s going on in the chess world. I started a chess club 11 years ago in Seattle for Urban Youth and Kids at Risk. I was told it would never work, and that I was wasting my time. I refuse to listen to negative people and I continued with my goal of starting the Detective Cookie Chess Club, which is very successful and is going on it’s 11th year. As a detective with the Seattle Police Department I have seen how youth in certain communities don’t have certain activities in their Communities as others. I used the chess board to teach anti-violence as a way of keeping youth out of trouble and out of jail, and it is working. My annual chess tournament has over 275 youth participating. We also have an annual “Kids vs. Cops” Chess Tournament, that is also very successful. Please check out our Facebook page and LIKE us, by going to “Detective Cookie Chess Club”. You can also reach me at

  2. Dr. Shabazz, this is Colonel Kinney writing. How can I get a copy of your monumental book “Triple Exclaim the Life and Games of Emory Tate Chess Warrior.” Also I intend to do a book review on your wonderful book in the DC Black Knights News Letter and I can send you a copy of the book review once it is done. I am also writing the history of the US Armed Forces Chess Championship and Emory Tate was a 5 time champion of the event and to date no one has duplicated his fete. I intend to add a chapter in my book which is 82% done on ET. Colonel Zack Kinney 240-605-8996.

  3. Congratulations Tom!! We have played on several occasions
    and I am sure that you played your usual tricky style all the
    way to the title. It’s great that you won this tournament in memory of Emory. Thank you for keeping his memory alive and well.

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