Orrin Hudson still making moves!

Orrin Hudson

Orrin Hudson, Founder of Besomeone

Orrin Hudson is still making moves encouraging the youth to “be some” with his organization of the same name. Recently he held a back-to-school chess camp with the idea of preparing students for the coming year.

Consider this a “warm up of the mind” for our children. Over these five days, we will teach kids how to engage their minds, how to think ahead and how to make strategic decisions that are guaranteed to lead to success. Chess is much more than a game, and our participants will be energized as they return to school. Instead of dreading the new year, they will be eagerly ready to show what they learned at the Be Someone camp.

Decades ago, children generally looked forward to the new school year. It meant new clothes, new supplies, new friends, a new teacher and a new adventure. Today, with the reliance on technology and shorter attention spans and it is more important that the students develop critical thinking skills in an ever-increasing competitive environment.

Orrin continues to extol the virtues of chess as a metaphor for life and has a raft of proverbs such as “Brains Before Bullets,” “Think it Out, Don’t shoot it out,” and “Heads up. Pants up. Grades up.” Motivated by a shooting in Queens, New York which resulted in seven killed for $2400, Hudson created Besomeone organization in 2000. Since then he has trained over 60,000 youth with a target of 1,000,000.

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Orrin Checkmate Hudson, Speaker & Master Strategist & Motivator
949 Stephenson Road
Stone Mountain, GA
30087, Tel: 770-465-6445
E-mail: Orrin@besomeone.org
Website: www.besomeone.org

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