Carlsson presents, “GM Secrets” webinars

GM Pontus Carlsson has introduced his webinar series titled, “GM Secrets Revealed.” With more than 20 years of experience as a player and coach, he is marketing his talents to the world market.

The webinars are 60 minutes and consists of the GM teaching an actual theme for 45-50 minutes plus 10-15 minutes where the participants can ask their own questions. All webinars will be interactive since the best ways to learn is by being engaged.

Of course there are many options for chess education these days, but the innovation of having GM-level instruction from anywhere in the world has added a viable option. In addition, to have group session and lively interaction is an added benefit. GM Carlsson speaks several languages including English, Spanish, German and Chinese. His topic range from building a chess training regiment to opening repertoire. He even has segments on how to utilize blitz as a tool. Here are some of the details:

GM Pontus Carlsson
Photo by Daaim Shabazz

How does this work?

Each member that signs up and pays the membership fee gets a personal invitation to the webinars. If a member can not attend the webinar than it will be possible to review it afterwards. GotoWebinar will be used and it is a well established webinar provider that ensures high quality.

What does it cost?

Every participant has to become a member and the membership fee is 120 USD/month. The membership fee is paid in advance and has to be paid before the 1st of each new month. If a member does not wish to renew his membership it has to be cancelled before the 1st of each new month.


If you are a chessclub, school or a group that wants to join than contact me on for a customized setup. Ask about discounted fees!!

For subscriptions, more information or questions please contact GM Pontus Carlsson.

Twitter: @GMCarlsson
Facebook: Pontus Carlsson

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