Tate’s bio “Triple Exclam” making moves

Fantastic, ‘magnificent’ product which will in time be duly recognized as a ‘magnum opus’!

~Ian Wilkinson, Jamaica Chess Federation

Retail Price: $40.00 (full color, hard back)

On March 11th, The Chess Drum announced the release of Emory Tate’s biography, Triple Exclam!!! The Life and Games of Emory Tate, Chess Warrior and the book has been warmly embraced by the chess community. The biography comes in the aftermath of Tate’s death October 17, 2015 when he was stricken by a heart attack during a chess tournament in California. He was 56.

Tate was an artful figure of chess throughout his playing career and enthralled fans with his charisma and signature tactical style. He also enjoyed postmortem sessions and was in his element in conducting them. The book actually transcribes two of these sessions making for colorful prose. Below are a few selections from Triple Exclam.

Introducing “Triple Exclam”

Currently, there is a 10% volume discount for quantities of five or more and a 20% discount to FIDE’s CACDEC countries (see below). Hopefully, there are CACDEC funds that will help to offset exorbitant shipping fees. Tate is not known to have visited the African continent but had a legion of fans there as well.

Note: Triple Exclam has been sold out. Another printing has not been planned, but if there is enough demand, then The Chess Drum may proceed with another small print run.

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  1. Triple Exclam has arrived…

    FM Todd Andrews

    FM Todd Andrews posted this photo on Facebook.

    Michael Williams

    Michael Williams posted this as “Just arrived!”

    … and these are going out!


    Jamaican Chess President Ian Wilkinson, who lent his feedback on the manuscript, has ordered 20 copies for his players. These are headed to Kingston!

  2. 20% off of bulk orders for Level 3-5
    CACDEC countries!

    The Committee for Assistance to Chess Developing Countries (CACDEC) was approved by the FIDE Central Committee, 27 September 1975 in Oosterbeek, Netherlands. This is a commission charged with promoting chess in developing countries and providing technical and financial assistance to chess federations therein. Federations can apply for CACDEC funds in support of getting books and literature to the country.

    Some of the goals of the additional goals of CACDEC are:

    • evaluate the existing needs;
    • create a fund to finance its projects;
    • furnish literature, chess sets and other chess equipment;
    • (GA ’96) assist in the organization of chess courses, seminars and simultaneous exhibitions, in particular together with a FIDE event organized by a CACDEC federation;
    • assist in the organization of teachers’ training courses;
    • promote a system whereby players and officials get opportunities for international practice.

    CACDEC countries: https://www.thechessdrum.net/triple_exclam/sales/CACDEC-2015-2016.pdf

  3. Chris Torres, Torres Chess and Music Academy.

    Chris Torres of the Torres Chess and Music Academy stated, “My friend Emory Tate would’ve been pleased with his book. Daaim Shabazz did a very ‘professional’ job.”

  4. Carl Portman of England

    Carl Portman of Oxfordshire, England looking dapper in celebration of St. George’s Day. It is the day in which they honor the patron saint. Photo courtesy of Carl Portman

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