2016 Trinidad & Tobago Masters/Open in progress!

Trinidad Trinidad Trinidad

Sonja Johnson
President of the Trinidad & Tobago Association
Photo by TTCA.

Celebrating its 80th anniversary of the Trinidad & Tobago Chess Association (TTCA) by hosting the Masters Open (TTIMO). The tournament is apparently the country’s strongest and has attracted players from a number of countries including GM Elshan Moradiabadi, an Iranian now playing under the FIDE flag and now living in the U.S. Also German Grandmaster Ilja Zaragatski is vying for the top spot.

Action started July 28th at The Normandie Hotel, St. Anns, Trinidad and will extend from through 5th August, 2016. Midway through the tournament Zaragatski has pulled into the lead follow by IM Pablo Herrera of Chile, a 1/2-point behind. IM Jose Gascon Del Nogal of Venezuela, GM Jha Sriram of India and Moradiabad leads a group of players challenging the leaders on point behind the leader. There are a number of patriots defending the home flag including FM Ryan Harper, many times national champion.

There is also an Open section reserved for players below 2100 FIDE. Just over 70 players are competing including a couple of IMs (!), a number of rising juniors and wily veterans. While norms will not be possible, the competition will be just as fierce. Follow the action at chess24.com and the standings at chess-results.com.

Masters: https://chess-results.com/tnr231011.aspx?lan=1
Open: https://chess-results.com/tnr231014.aspx?lan=1
Live Games: https://chess24.com/en/watch/live-tournaments/trinidad-and-tobago-international-masters-2016#live


    1. OH good to hear hes having some success, if i recall my old ICC days hes “Phasor” over there havent been on that site in a while , hopefully he will finish up well. ULTRAMODERNIST.

  1. Congratulations to our friends in T&T for staging what looks like a wonderful event. Time for the English-speaking Caribbean to realise its true potential in the world of Chess.

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