Tournament @ Baltimore’s Hollins Market on 6-18-16!

Sophia Lynn of “Chess R US” is known for her stunning drawings and t-shirt designs, but she is rallying support to start a new chess club in the Baltimore area. The area has a long chess history and many legendary players have come through the area. Lynn is trying to revitalize the chess scene. On June 18th, she will host a tournament and is inviting all to register and support the mission! Check it out!



  1. Mornin Drummas, just wanna say whats up to my Gurl Sophie! do ya thing! we still in the B-lo doin what we do! When u get them trained up send them to to the ULTRAMODERNIST and they can learn some of my funny knight tricks just like the practicers up in St. Louis, dunno why Eddie Mark didnt tell Adu that his chess plays better as an Ultramodern Learner, or why Adia havent told Guy and Josh Colas that they learnin basic Ultramodernism, well u know how i am , they learnin now IN REAL LIFE! miss ya gurl , we up in da buildin! Peace and Love always. ALI!!!

  2. First I like to say thanks to the Buffalo area and . Lionel Davis and my chess freind for supporting me in 1989
    Bugfalo is the first place I learn how to play chess if it wasn’t for them to embrace me I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Sophia Lynn

    Many blessings to the owner of Chess drum thanks for posting this. Flyer we hope to see everyone come out and support chess we’re going to have a lot of events please come 12noon June 18th it is a family-friendly chess environment
    registration is $15
    check out the flyer please
    looking forward to seeing DC Virginia Maryland and anybody in the surrounding areas are out-of-towners come and have some fun food and a lot of excitement come play chess with us thank you. Thank you so much for posting this flyer

  3. Thanks for putting the flyer up and thank you Loniel David for your support Micheal Mcduffie Buffalo New York Barry Davis and some other chess players had embraced me
    that’s why I adore chess so much and have a passion for it
    I am talented artistic and rayed chess player
    June 18th check oit flyer
    please come and support chess
    family environment
    family fun
    If you have a rating you must be under 2000 rating or amateur
    Thanks Chess Drum for posting information on your website!

    1. well Thanks Ian however we not wishin , this is what we do in REAL LIFE, UM the ULTRAMODERNIST on send errbodie there and LEARN.

  4. Love you and we Miss you Sophie ill tell errrbodie u doin ya thang, and by the way, UM gunna need some ULTRAMODERN stuff so be ready!!! HAHAHA.

  5. Hi I might come to visit after the world open Lionel do you know if anyone from buffalo coming to philly
    say tell tony ,barry and butch I said hello !

  6. Monin Drummas and Hello again Sophie! well Mr. Davis is going and i have another Ultramodern student, Kevin Roulhac coming to make master in that practice event! basically there have been improvements on what i sent to NYC for the 3 black masters when i was teachin adia back in the 90s at the moment they usin my older stuff! hehe. Ive already started tellin ERRRBOIDE that Daaim got u up on the chessdrum! lol Yeah come on home and visit us actually Buffalo is where the so-called “CHESS REVOLUTION” is takin place IN REAL LIFE! Sophie they quiet in Buffalo now! hahaha cuz they see Anand , corona and Naka movin my KNIGHT IN A CIRCLE!!! lmbao Same dude! Love u much! CHESS.

  7. Thanks for The updated we have 6 guys going. to either play or. Hang out with the Philly crew who will be at The world open tell McDuffie I will get in touch with him soon on chess
    Baltimore club close and. The big chair chess club in DC also close this month this was like surprise !!!!! I plan to. Promote market and Evolve my Chess programs in the mva markets

      1. oh right Daaim its all good, ya know as an Ultramodernist u probably wouldnt be talkin about not playin in tournaments cuz u would be too busy have fun with the TRADITIONALIST like me!!! HAHAHAHA.

  8. OK, i wux at the Buffalo PUblic Library earlier and i just made it over to Jefferson now, at the Frank E. Merriweather Library. UM teach Mcduffie some basic Ultramodern stuff as well so they can pass it down to the kids , actually Um bout outta chess, the brothas in buffalo just want me to beat the gms again, like i did them for 10 years on the icc , this time in OVA- DA -BORED chess! haha its funny to me that they actually think it makes any difference to me in light of clear evidence! but ok. anyways i just saw naka fold to Carlesn in blitz whats that about? Ya Know he needs to work on his Confidence In Chess and leave the genius talk alone so he can learn the game better.

  9. Thanks to everyone who attended the Hollins market chess event June 18 2016
    The Baltimore Sun and several news paper came out to event and a huge shout out goes out to all the chess players from DC Va and Maryland
    Chess R Us would like to express a huge Thank You too The CHESS DRUM for your help in getting the word out on this chess event
    Thank again for supporting the chess community

    Sophia Lynn

    1. Hey Nice and Congrats to ya gurl, good to hear from u as always!!! Sophie we in the chessworld in Buffalo N.Y. gettin BUTTA FROM DA DUCK! hahahahaha Luv ya and miss ya Much!

  10. Many Thanks to Chess Drum for making this event successful we had 60 paid entries and 46 people showed up. For event. Tavon Carter won 1st place.
    Alfred Hurd from DC won 2nd.
    Every Jones took 3rd
    in the Hollins Market Chess event June 18,2016
    Tavon and Alfred tied for first so we had a playoff round for who would win 1st place cash prize!
    Chess R US is a one stop chess shop for all your chess needs
    lessons and events
    we our a mobile
    We offer chess vending services also

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