When the Chess Hustler Gets Hustled!

If you go to a park in most large cities, there is usually someone with a table trying to hustle chess. These players come out each day and try not to look too conspicuous. They try to look disheveled so that a passer-by will not be intimidated. Then the hustler will lighten their pocket out of a few 20s. However, what happens when the hustler gets hustled? Sometimes a hustler can call someone over and not realize who they are playing. Next time you challenge someone to a game in a park, make sure they’re not a Grandmaster!


    1. No… many street players know nothing about the chess world. Most of these guys don’t study seriously and don’t keep up with chess news on websites. Obviously you have some who play in tournaments and know, but at lot of those guys wouldn’t know Hikaru Nakamura if he walked up.

  1. Chessdrummers i got a funnie ULTRAMODERN question Um askin but the traditional hustlers, who husltin the funnie knight trick dont seem to have an answer for. Should the old chess guys chess be rated PG-13? Buffaloians? Interestin Vid though, CHESS.

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