Adia Onyango: Kingsman’s MVP

Bob Ali reports that Adia Onyango was the team MVP based on her performance in the Bankers Athletic Chess League. The Kingsmen finished third in the regular season and made it to the championship playoffs. Onyango scored 5/9 and has eclipsed 2000 in the league’s rating system.

This is the first time i can recollect since 1963 when I joined the kingsmen that a woman has won mvp in a league the kingsmen played in. Adia played boards one and two in the top division in the league with a 60% winning record and increased her rating 200 points, most in the league. We will see great things from her in the future, I’m sure. Congratulations Adia!!

Official Site:

Adia Onyango, Kingsman Chess Club
Photo by Daaim Shabazz.


  1. Well all of my ULTRAMODERN students rating increase by 1 or 2 hundred units when they practice with traditionalist in the practice tournaments so UM not surprised i told yall i wuz 100% lol . oh i almost forgot congrats adia! hahaha.

  2. Good Monin! Chessdrummies! Um at the Buffalo Public Library just givin a shout out to all the chessplayers who out there Practicin and Learnin ! I LIKE LEARNIN here this where i got most of my tricks! hehe. bout to head over to and practice some 1min. with some of the Traditional guys! they tell me in Buffalo Chess Circles alotta heads still on ICC workin with my funny knight trick,Gm Dlugy and the boys! Wonderful site Daaim u be keep heads posted bro, good looks! Just read on facebook Yi just played some brilliant game, did yall see it yet? maybe Adia can Analyze it for us here on the chessdrum?

  3. Keep up the good work Ms Adia Onyango soon what you our looking for will most certainly fined you!

  4. Adia, UM at the Frank E. Merriweather Library in Buffalo N.Y. and i just saw on facebook at one of the U.S.C.F. site that some young lady in N.Y. Rochelle Ballentyne has an Idea that she will become the first African American Chess Master, i kinda forgot that we dont have one yet, WHY HAVENT U GIVEN HER MY PHONE NUMBER? sup Drummers, WE EAR HUSTLIN!!!

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