Carlsson 3rd in 2014 Swedish Closed

L-R: GM Erik Blomqvist (2nd), GM Daniel Semcesen (1st), GM Pontus Carlsson (3rd). Photo from

GM Pontus Carlsson finished 3rd in the recent Swedish Championship. He was vying for the top spot but was crippled both by a spate of draws and a crucial loss to Pia Cramling in the penultimate 8th round. After that loss, GM Daniel Semcesen was able to hold to edge both GM Erik Blomqvist (5.5/9) and Carlsson (5/9). GM Emmanuel Berg also finished on 5/9. Carlsson has been spending more time working on his web presence and has launched a new website. At the time of this writing, Carlsson was working on a project in the Czech Republic. He told The Chess Drum that he will be playing in the Qatar Masters in November.


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