2012 North American Open

The 22nd Annual North American Open will be held December 26-30, 2012 at Bally’s Casino Resort, 3645 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, Nevada. The event has a $120,000 projected prize fund (based on 600 entries) with $90,000 guaranteed!

The event has 7 sections: Open, Under-2300, Under-2100, Under-1900, Under-1700, Under-1500 and Under-1250.

The Open Section will have one schedule, 5-days, held from December 26-30. GM and IM norms possible. The Under-2300 through Under-1250 sections has either 4-day (December 26-29) or 3-day (December 27-29) schedules to play in.

Prizes $120,000 based on 600 paid entries (seniors, re-entries, GMs & U1250 Section count as half entries), else in proportion; $90,000 minimum (75% each prize) guaranteed. In 7 sections.

  • Open Section: $10000-5000-2500-1200-1000-800-700-600-500-500, clear winner or 1st on tiebreak bonus $300, top FIDE Under 2500/Unr $2500-1200. FIDE.
  • Under-2300: $7000-4000-2000-1200-900-700-600-500-400-400. FIDE.
  • Under-2100: $7000-4000-2000-1200-900-700-600-500-400-400, no unrated may win over $2500.
  • Under-1900: $7000-4000-2000-1200-900-700-600-500-400-400, no unrated may win over $1800.
  • Under-1700: $6000-3000-1500-1000-800-700-600-500-400-400, no unrated may win over $1300.
  • Under-1500: $6000-3000-1500-1000-800-700-600-500-400- 400, no unrated may win over $900.
  • Under-1250: $3000-1500-1000-800-600-500-400-400-300-300, top Under-1000 (no unr) $1000-500, no unrated may win over $500. No separate U1000 section; players under-1000 in U1250 play for both U1250 and U1000 prizes; receive larger if winning both.

Hotel rates: Rooms at the chess rate are sold out, however the following rates are available as of Dec 4:

For Bally’s: go to www.ballyslv.com. 12/24 $47, 12/25 $47, 12/26 $63, 12/27 $55, 12/28 $87, 12/29 $119, 12/30 $249. Free parking (garage at adjacent Paris Las Vegas Hotel is most convenient).

Lower cost accommodations: At Expedia and Hotels.com, as of Dec 4 the following very low rates (not chess rates) are available for The Quad Hotel, formerly Imperial Palace, 3535 South Las Vegas Blvd. (10-minute walk from Ballys): 12/24 $57, 12/25 $23, 12/26 $52, 12/27 $37, 12/28 $41, 12/29 $94, 12/30 $265.

Ratings: FIDE used in Open, Dec 2012 official USCF in others. For foreign in U2300 & below, see www.chesstour.com/foreignratings.htm. Highest of multiple ratings usually used. Players who fail to disclose foreign or FIDE ratings may be expelled.

Daaim Shabazz

Daaim Shabazz is the founder of The Chess Drum, while serving as a tenured faculty member of Global Business & Marketing at Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, Florida, USA. He holds a B.S. Computer Science from Chicago State University, an MBA in Marketing and a Ph.D. in International Affairs & Development, both from Clark Atlanta University. He has served the journalist community for more than 30 years and still competes in tournaments occasionally.

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  1. GM Timur Gareev finished with an undefeated 8.0/9, a full point ahead of his nearest rival, to claim convincingly the title of North American Open Champion along with a prize of nearly $10,000 for his efforts throughout the week. FM John Bryant finished in second place with 7.0/9, scoring a GM norm in the process, to claim a prize of $4,704. IM Zhanibek Amanov also scored a GM norm, finishing in a group of four players with 6.5/9, as well as taking the Under 2500 prize. FMs Yian Liou and Michael Bodek both scored IM norms.

    Link: https://chesstournamentservices.com/cca/north-american-open/

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