Williams wins 9th grade title!

Justus Williams of Bronx Center of Science and Mathematics won the 9th grade section of the K-12 Championship last weekend in Orlando with a blistering 6/7. He ended in a virtual tie with Andy Shao, but with superior tiebreaks. Williams had beaten Shao in round four. The Bronx native is now on track to become one of the the most decorated scholastic players in American history.

Williams, one of the subjects of the hit documentary, “Brooklyn Castle,” won his first four games before drawing his next two games and ending the tournament by beating former IS-318 teammate Issac Barayev. Top seed Josh Colas drew with his friend Williams, but was upset twice including his final game to Shao. He finished with 4.5/7.

Link: https://uschess.org/tournaments/2012/k12/?page=RESULTS


  1. Thanks Daaim for the coverage. Where did it go? lol.it was there yesterday. I don’t see it now, only the comments. But in any event, thank you. Justus and i will be meeting Phiona tonight!

  2. Congratulations Justus… As I have said before, I look forward to seeing you, Josh Colas, and James Black as Grandmasters!!! But today, is your day to shine. You are an inspiration to the young and old. Keep pushing forward and breaking records.

  3. Epic!

    Daaim, there are a couple of articles that say that Justus Williams is no. 40 on MSNBC’s “Top 100 Black celebrities” list, but I can’t find such a list in order to confirm it.

    1. There was a list some time ago, but of course it has passed. This accolade was based off of the “youngest Black Master ever” from two years ago. This is still being used in publicity for “Brooklyn Castle” movie.

  4. Congrats! Keep handling your business! Thanks for the motivation to those that are younger! Peace!

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