Ashley at 2012 Reykjavik Open

“Here in Reykjavik, Iceland to play in the famous open tournament. Waterfalls, geysers, hot springs, restaurants and great night life. This place is amazing!”

~GM Maurice Ashley

2012 Reyjavik Chess Festival

GM Maurice Ashley is playing in his first international tournament in many years and he will no doubt have a chance to get inspiration from visiting the last residence and resting place of Bobby Fischer, chess history’s most impactful player. There will actually be a 40th anniversary museum exhibit for the Fischer-Spassky match.

The Reykjavik Open 2012 will be held for the 27th time from March 6 to March 13, 2012 in a spectacular new venue in Reykjavik, which will be announced in September. The 2012 tournament is expected to be very strong. In 2011, 166 players from 30 countries participated, including 27 grandmasters, 11 of which with a ELO rating of 2600 and higher. Total prizes in 2012 will be €15000, including many special prizes for various age and rating categories, in addition to the traditional top women prize.

2012 Reyjavik Chess Festival

Live Games:


  1. He has to shake off the rust. Nowadays, you cannot compare today’s
    1900 to yesteryears 1900. It’s entirely a different ball game. Let’s hope
    It was a good draw and he can rebound quickly.

  2. Maurice, happy belated 46th. bday. I just found out that your b day is 6days before mine Fischers is the 9th. mine is the 12th. Hope your doing well in Iceland.When you were at Philadelphia 6 years ago at PECO, energy company, you gave me a shout out as an older player when you were a youngster. A friend of mine heard you, and was suprised.I told him he shouldn’t. Jose Espinosa

  3. I transferred this comment from the another thread.

    Topic: Let’s get Real

    Let’s stop making excuses for GM Ashley during the curremt tournament being played in Iceland. I read where it was stated that he needed more tournaments to handle the rust. Let’s get real folks, be straight up and be real. GM Ashley is fading rather quickly and we all have know this for years.

    One Knight Stand

    1. Not sure what he was fading from. His last major was the 2003 Foxwoods (which he won). There are two simple truths: First, Maurice Ashley had not played in an international level tournament in almost 10 years. Secondly, if you have not played competitively in 10 years, you most likely are not in top form. However, in Iceland, he has 5.5/8 along with a bunch of other people and plays GM Vladimir Baklan in the last round.

  4. 5.5/8 for someone who hasn’t been active for years is a very respectable score. And he might finish with 6.5! We should always support Maurice no matter what.

  5. Maurice has had some good games for someone who is inactive. Daaim, you are right…it is not easy to “shake it off” and perform as if you have been playing regularly.

    Low rating does not necessarily mean the player is “weak”. The top players in Jamaica can attest to that when they meet lower rated players (sometimes 300 points below!) who give them a really tough time. One’s rating may be low due to inactivity etc.

    I am just happy to see that he is playing. Would have loved to have seen him combat (and take out!) the sensational GM Hou Yifan!

    Good luck in the final round Maurice and, if things get tricky, just remember where you are from, that “we nuh tek nuh chat” and that you are the original “Dan Dadda”!!

  6. Anyone know if Mr. Ashley is getting ready to compete in other prestigious competitions or this was just a fun birthday/vacation. trip? I would bet he had a good trip!

  7. ashley is the past…..we got other players to focus on….where is my compatriot simutowe??????????been inactive fo a long time….is he taking a break???carlsen is another i interesting black player..we dont get no news on them

    1. “we got other players to focus on”

      Oh really? Simutowe is not active and is doing studies at Oxford. It has been mentioned many times here. There are stories about Carlsson (correct spelling) in the European Team Championship late last year, but he is not very active either. You simply need to Google “Carlsson” at the top of this page.

      Ashley is the present because he is now playing. You can only cover players if they play.

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