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Josh Colas has been on a path of excellence since learning chess at age six. Getting his start on tournaments on the east coast, he made a steady rise and reached the 2000 barrier at age 10. Just two years later at age 12, he became a National Master. On the way he has won four national championships and is a scholastic All-American.

Josh blitzing with his father (Guy Colas) at the 2006 World Open.
Photo by Daaim Shabazz.

Having played in nearly 500 tournaments, his improvement is a testament to his determination and will. His father Guy Colas states that he will begin playing more selectively and focus on getting results in stronger tournaments.

With a growing profile, Colas has begun to travel abroad and will travel to Brazil as part of the U.S. delegation to compete in the World Youth Championships. It is with this increased activity that a fund was set up to aid him in his travels.

Josh in action in Trinidad at the 2010 Caribbean Chess Carnival. Photo by Daaim Shabazz.

The Joshua Colas Chess Fund provides financial support for all of Joshua’s chess-related activities including tournament expenses, travel, lodging, meals, and weekly Grandmaster training sessions.

The newly-launched website provides the audience with a nice collage of photos of Josh at various stages of development including many throwbacks from his early winnings. The website also provides an opportunity to lend assistance to a private fund. Along with proud parents (Guy and Yanick) and siblings (Korey and Chellsie), Josh is seeking more supporters to help him in reaching his goal of making International Grandmaster. Donations can be sent to:

The Foundation for Public Education in White Plains, Inc.
c/o Ray Ainsworth
3 Milford Close
White Plains, NY 10606

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  1. Great Story! Beautiful Family! Thanks for the motivation! Good Luck Joshua and keep leading by example!

  2. Hi Diamond,
    Thank you for your continued support. It would be nice if I can inspire many more children into playing chess.

    1. Hi Joshua,

      Keep being humble and working hard and you will inspire many more children in urban envirnonments and around the world; to want to learn the game of chess/life!

  3. Josh I wish you much continue success “on your journey” ,my friend as what you are apart of will effect more people than you can possible imagine! My Gods blessing continue to find you and may his favor shine on you often!

  4. Thank you Barry. I am very grateful for all the support I get. Next month, I hope to bring back home something that will make us all proud.

  5. Joshua, wishing you and your fellow teenage ambassadors from the New York area, Justin Williams and James Black jnr. a very successful and rewarding tournament in Brazil. Keep up the hard-work, as you traffic to your next milestone.



  6. What’s up with Josh?!?! He’s gained almost 80 points since New Years! His April is 2297 and he has broken 2300 in a tourney. He’s caught up with James and Justus. What’s more, he has now broken 2200 in blitz. His April is 2205 and Justus and James are still in the lower 2100’s. It’s been said that he plays too many chess games, because at his level he should be playing less and studying more. Before the first quarter of 2012, I would’ve agreed with that statement.

  7. Thanks Mikhail. Josh’s philosophy is that every time he plays a game he learns something new. In fact, he played yesterday and gained at least 17 points, drawing GM Joel Benjamin on the way. He is an excellent student, so as long as he continues to enjoy and wants to play, I will let him. Now, he is studying a lot more and recently found a coach who admires his game and is doing a great job at fine-tuning his opening repertoire.

  8. Thanks for the info and congrats to Josh. Wow, Joel Benjamin! He was on IBM’s Deep Blue project and was in charge of developing the opening book for the supercomputer that beat Garry Kasparov!

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