All-Africa Games in full swing!

Despite some technical problems forcing a late start, the All-Africa Games is at the midpoint. There is not much coverage, but there are reports being uploaded to cover the daily events.

Zambia vs. South Africa at All-Africa Games.
Photos from Chess South Africa (CHESSA)

The games have attracted one of Africa’s top players in GM Ahmed Adly, but he has already suffered a loss to Henry Steel of South Africa. IM Robert Gwaze missed the match against Adly’s Egypt, but he has scored three straight victories. There are a number of missing players including Egypt’s Bassim Amin, South African IMs Kenny Solomon and Watu Kobese, Zambia’s Amon Simutowe. One nice addition for Egypt has been IM Samy Shoker who had a GM norm result at the World Team Championship.

Drum Coverage:
Chess South Africa:


    1. Hi Mehul, hold-on now! The Africa Champion reported that his room was flooded and his laptop was destroyed! This is similar to the RSA team that visited there before. Maybe you are referencing the playing hall?

  1. You need to seperate the games village where most of the athletes are being housed from the playing venue. I don’t think the Mozambique chess fed is responsible for what happens at the games village.

    The village is a mess for sure. When we arrived we could not get accomodation, had to share rooms with strangers and so on. So we moved out and got ourselves a hotel (at Kenyan government expense). The dining hall was a dangerous place with fights breaking out and the food itself is nothing to write home about. There have been cases of some athletes being robbed in broad daylight with increased police presence being the result. The AAG organisation is crap.

    But the chess is fine. I see no problems at all and am loving it.

  2. Finally!

    Thank you Mehul for finding something positive in a difficult environment. Hope you’ll continue to give us first hand frontline info on the All Africa Games.

    Once again, a big thank you, Mehul.

  3. Medal Standings (Open)


    SILVER-South Africa


    Board Medals (Open)

    Board #1
    GOLD-IM Robert Gwaze (Zimbabwe)
    SILVER-FM Henry Steel (South Africa)
    BRONZE-GM Ahmed Adly (Egypt)

    Board #2
    GOLD-Joao Simones (Angola)
    SILVER-FM Daniel Jere (Zambia)
    BRONZE-IM Samy Shoker (Egypt)

    Board #3
    GOLD-IM Amorin Agnelo (Angola)
    SILVER-CM Moakofi Notha (Botswana)
    BRONZE- GM Essam El-Gindy (Egypt)

    Board #4
    GOLD-IM Mohamed Ezat (Egypt)
    SILVER-IM Johannes Mabusela (South Africa)
    BRONZE-Catarino Domingos (Angola)

    Board #5
    GOLD-Bunmi Olape (Nigeria)
    SILVER-Kgaugelo Mosetlhe (South Africa)
    BRONZE-IM Khaled Abdel-Razik (Egypt)

    Medal Standings (Women)



    BRONZE-South Africa

    Board Medals (Women)

    Board #1
    GOLD-Eman El-Ansary (Egypt)
    SILVER-WIM Amina Mezioud (Algeria)
    BRONZE-WIM Monique Sischy (South Africa)

    Board #2
    GOLD-WFM Sabrina Latreche (Algeria)
    SILVER-WFM Boikhutso Mudongo (Botswana)
    BRONZE-WIM Anzel Solomons (South Africa)

    Board #3
    GOLD-WGM Mona Khaled (Egypt)
    SILVER-WCM Khadidya Latreche (Algeria)
    BRONZE-Vania Vilhete (Mozambique)

    Board #4
    GOLD-WFM Wafa Shrook (Egypt)
    SILVER-WFM Ezet Roos (South Africa)
    BRONZE-WCM Ontiretse Sabure (Botswana)

    Board #5
    GOLD-Oluwatobiloba Olatunji (Nigeria)
    SILVER-WIM Denise Frick (South Africa)
    BRONZE-WCM Feriel Lalaoui (Algeria)

    Drum Coverage:

  4. Blitz (Open)

    GOLD-GM Ahmed Adly (Egypt)

    SILVER-FM Daniel Jere (Zambia)

    BRONZE-FM Tarek Goutali (Algeria)

    Blitz (Women)

    GOLD-WIM Amina Mezioud (Algeria)

    SILVER-WGM Mona Khaled (Egypt)

    BRONZE-WIM Monique Sischy (South Africa)

    Results ( (Men, Women)

  5. Dear Daaim / Mehul
    Maybe Mehul can help …
    Games Round 7 (women); 8 & 9 (open) are not available anywhere. Can anybody help? I have posted the available rounds to TWIC.
    Christtoff Mans

  6. Congrats to Robert Gwaze for earning gold. I wish the team results weren’t so plagued with ‘what ifs’ because of the missing players.

    Question, why aren’t Henry Steel and Daniel Jere IMs?

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