10th All-Africa Games (Maputo, Mozambique)

New In Chess (2011-4)

The 10th All-Africa Games will take place in 2011 in the capitol-city of Maputo, Mozambique. Maputo’s hosting will be only the third time the games will have been held in the southern part of the continent. The 2009 All-Africa Games was held in Algiers, Algeria. The awarding of the games comes after Zambia and Ghana had withdrawn from the bidding process.

Zimpeto Stadium is a brand new 42,000-seat complex built by the Chinese. Interestingly, there are no other venues being constructed for the Games. This will be the first time that the games will be hosted in Lusophone, or Portuguese-speaking Africa.

The All Africa Games will host 26 sports disciplines from around the African continent and includes among others: trrack, soccer/football, swimming, squash, rowing, badminton, volleyball, basketball, tennis, field hockey, baseball and softball, handball, athletics, and boxing. Chess is also in the schedule and many federations have already announced their teams.

Host city: Maputo, Mozambique
Nations participating: 52 (projected)
Events: 26 sports
Opening ceremony: 3 September 2011
Closing ceremony: 18 September 2011
Main Stadium: Zimpeto Stadium

Official Site: https://allafricagamesmaputo.com/
Results: Main Site
Chess S. Africa (coverage): https://www.chessa.co.za/articles.aspx?art=100
Photos: Gunther van den Berg


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  2. Folks!
    Results are available via (https://www.chessa.co.za/articles/aag2011_open_pairings_3.htm)

    RSA and Egypt are in the lead with 6 points as in seemingly 2 for a win and 1 for a draw in team match-ups. The individual scoring is cummulative and the tow leaders are on 9,5 respectively.

    Gwaze came from Russia with no Love and he quickly stopped the Zim team from sinking with two wins and the Zim team is 5th with 4 points on 7,5 on player contribution. Moyo held El Gindy in an encounter that saw Africa Champ Adley sort Rodwell makoto 1-0 to clear the air that could confuse the draw he allowed him in Afric Champs last rounds.
    RSA without Kobese looks strong with IM-Elect Henry Steel leading the charge with 3/3 on board One. Gwaze wants a say on this board with 2/3.
    The African Teams strenth is to be settled here on this once and for all. Zim beat Bots handsomely. Egypt walloped Zim (without Gwaze). Zambia looks solid with no Simutowe. Next Zambia collides with Zimbabwe. I wish to see JERE-Gwaze! Maybe not possible.

  3. 2011 All-Africa Games
    Round #1 (Tuesday, 6 September 2011)
    Egypt 3½-½ Zimbabwe
    Ethiopia 0-4 S. Africa
    Algeria 3-1 Namibia
    Kenya 3½-½ Angola
    Zambia 4-0 Ghana
    Madagascar 1-3 Nigeria
    Botswana 1½-2½ Mozambique
    Egypt 2½-1½ Algeria
    Angola 3-1 Mozambique
    Botswana 2½-1½ S. Africa
    Nigeria 4-0 Kenya
    Results from CHESS SOUTH AFRICA (chessa.co.za)
    Board Results (Men, Women)
    Standings (Men, Women)
    Games (Men, Women)
  4. 2011 All-Africa Games
    Round #2 (Wednesday, 7 September 2011)
    Angola 1½-2½ Egypt
    S. Africa 2½-1½ Zambia
    Nigeria 2-2 Algeria
    Mozambique 3½-½ Ethiopia
    Ghana 0-4 Botswana
    Zimbabwe 3½-½ Kenya
    Namibia 1½-2½ Madagascar
    Algeria 3½-½ Kenya
    S. Africa 2-2 Nigeria
    Mozambique 1-3 Botswana
    Egypt 3½-½ Angola
    Results from CHESS SOUTH AFRICA (chessa.co.za)
    Board Results (Men, Women)
    Standings (Men, Women)
    Games (Men, Women)
  5. 2011 All-Africa Games
    Round #3 (Thursday, 8 September 2011)
    Egypt 1½-2½ Mozambique
    Algeria 1-3 S. Africa
    Zambia 3-1 Nigeria
    Madagascar ½-3½ Angola
    Botswana ½-3½ Zimbabwe
    Ethiopia 4-0 Ghana
    Kenya 2½-1½ Namibia
    Angola 0-4 Algeria
    Botswana ½-3½ Egypt
    Nigeria 3½-½ Mozambique
    Kenya 0-4 S. Africa
    Results from CHESS SOUTH AFRICA (chessa.co.za)
    Board Results (Men, Women)
    Standings (Men, Women)
    Games (Men, Women)
  6. 2011 All-Africa Games
    Round #4 (Friday, 9 September 2011)
    S. Africa 1½-2½ Egypt
    Angola 4-0 Mozambique
    Zimbabwe 1½-2½ Zambia
    Botswana 1½-2½ Algeria
    Nigeria 4-0 Kenya
    Madagascar 2-2 Ethiopia
    Namibia 3½-½ Ghana
    Algeria 1½-2½ S. Africa
    Mozambique 4-0 Kenya
    Egypt 3½-½ Nigeria
    Angola 1-3 Botswana
    Results from CHESS SOUTH AFRICA (chessa.co.za)
    Board Results (Men, Women)
    Standings (Men, Women)
    Games (Men, (Women)
  7. 2011 All-Africa Games
    Round #5 (Saturday, 10 September 2011)
    Egypt 3-1 Zambia
    Angola 1-3 S. Africa
    Algeria 2-2 Zimbabwe
    Mozambique 1-3 Nigeria
    Ethiopia 3-1 Namibia
    Ghana 0-4 Madagascar
    Kenya 0-4 Botswana
    Botswana 0-4 Algeria
    Nigeria 2-2 Angola
    Kenya 1-3 Egypt
    S. Africa 3-1 Mozambique
    Results from CHESS SOUTH AFRICA (chessa.co.za)
    Board Results (Men, Women)
    Standings (Men, Women)
    Games (Men, Women)
  8. 2011 All-Africa Games
    Round #6 (Monday, 12 September 2011)
    Nigeria ½-3½ Egypt
    S. Africa 3½-½ Madagascar
    Zambia 2½-1½ Algeria
    Zimbabwe 1½-2½ Angola
    Botswana 2½-1½ Ethiopia
    Namibia 0-4 Mozamibique
    Ghana 0-4 Kenya
    Algeria 4-0 Mozambique
    Egypt 2½-1½ South Africa
    Angola 2-2 Kenya
    Botswana 1-3 Nigeria
    Results from CHESS SOUTH AFRICA (chessa.co.za)
    Board Results (Men, Women)
    Standings (Men, Women)
    Games (Men, Women)
  9. 2011 All-Africa Games
    Round #7 (Tuesday, 13 September 2011)
    Egypt 3½-½ Botswana
    Nigeria ½-3½ S. Africa
    Angola 2-2 Zambia
    Algeria 4-0 Ethiopia
    Mozamibique 4-0 Ghana
    Madagascar 3-1 Kenya
    Namibia ½-3½ Zimbabwe
    Nigeria 1-3 Algeria
    Kenya ½-3½ Botswana
    South Africa 2½-1½ Angola
    Mozambique 2-2 Egypt
    Results from CHESS SOUTH AFRICA (chessa.co.za)
    Board Results (Men, Women)
    Standings (Men, Women)
    Games (Men, Women)
  10. Photos from All-Africa Games (https://www.chessa.co.za/)

    GM Ahmed Adly (Egypt)

    WCM Tshepiso Lopang (Botswana)

    Catarino Domingos (Angola)

    Valquiria Rocha (Angola)

    Jerald Times of Harlem, New York coaching on the South Africa team.

    IM Robert Gwaze (Zimbabwe)

    Myada El-Gohary (Egypt)

    FM Phemelo Khetho (Botswana)

    IM Henry Steel (South Africa)

    WIM Jenine Ellapen (South Africa)

    IM Chitumbo Mwali (Zambia)

    Edward Thompson (Ghana)

  11. 2011 All-Africa Games
    Round #8 (Wednesday, 14 September 2011)
    Algeria 0-4 Egypt
    S. Africa 2½-1½ Mozambique
    Ethiopia 0-4 Angola
    Kenya ½-3½ Zambia
    Zimbabwe 3-1 Madagascar
    Ghana 0-4 Nigeria
    Botswana 2½-1½ Namibia
    Results from CHESS SOUTH AFRICA (chessa.co.za)
    Board Results (Men)
    Standings (Men, Women)
    Games (Men, Women)
  12. Photos from All-Africa Games
    (Mehul Gohil – Kenya)


    Ben Magana (Kenya)


    Mehul Gohil (Kenya) with GM Ahmed Adly (Egypt)

    IM Samy Shoker (Egypt)

    Players from Lusophone Africa: Mozambique & Angola


    Sonia Rosalinas (Angola)


  13. 2011 All-Africa Games
    Round #9 (Thursday, 15 September 2011)
    Egypt 4-0 Namibia
    Zimbabwe 1½-2½ S. Africa
    Angola 3-1 Nigeria
    Zambia 3-1 Botswana
    Mozambique 2½-1½ Madagascar
    Ghana 0-4 Algeria
    Kenya 1½-2½ Ethiopia
    Results from CHESS SOUTH AFRICA (chessa.co.za)
    Board Results (Men)
    Standings (Men, Women)
    Games (Men, Women)
  14. Medal Standings (Open)


    SILVER-South Africa


    Board Medals (Open)

    Board #1
    GOLD-IM Robert Gwaze (Zimbabwe)
    SILVER-FM Henry Steel (South Africa)
    BRONZE-GM Ahmed Adly (Egypt)

    Board #2
    GOLD-Joao Simones (Angola)
    SILVER-FM Daniel Jere (Zambia)
    BRONZE-IM Samy Shoker (Egypt)

    Board #3
    GOLD-IM Amorin Agnelo (Angola)
    SILVER-CM Moakofi Notha (Botswana)
    BRONZE- GM Essam El-Gindy (Egypt)

    Board #4
    GOLD-IM Mohamed Ezat (Egypt)
    SILVER-IM Johannes Mabusela (South Africa)
    BRONZE-Catarino Domingos (Angola)

    Board #5
    GOLD-Bunmi Olape (Nigeria)
    SILVER-Kgaugelo Mosetlhe (South Africa)
    BRONZE-IM Khaled Abdel-Razik (Egypt)

    Medal Standings (Women)



    BRONZE-South Africa

    Board Medals (Women)

    Board #1
    GOLD-Eman El-Ansary (Egypt)
    SILVER-WIM Amina Mezioud (Algeria)
    BRONZE-WIM Monique Sischy (South Africa)

    Board #2
    GOLD-WFM Sabrina Latreche (Algeria)
    SILVER-WFM Boikhutso Mudongo (Botswana)
    BRONZE-WIM Anzel Solomons (South Africa)

    Board #3
    GOLD-WGM Mona Khaled (Egypt)
    SILVER-WCM Khadidya Latreche (Algeria)
    BRONZE-Vania Vilhete (Mozambique)

    Board #4
    GOLD-WFM Wafa Shrook (Egypt)
    SILVER-WFM Ezet Roos (South Africa)
    BRONZE-WCM Ontiretse Sabure (Botswana)

    Board #5
    GOLD-Oluwatobiloba Olatunji (Nigeria)
    SILVER-WIM Denise Frick (South Africa)
    BRONZE-WCM Feriel Lalaoui (Algeria)

  15. Blitz (Open)

    GOLD-GM Ahmed Adly (Egypt)

    SILVER-FM Tarek Goutali (Algeria)

    BRONZE-FM Daniel Jere (Zambia)

    Blitz (Women)

    GOLD-WIM Amina Mezioud (Algeria)

    SILVER-WGM Mona Khaled (Egypt)

    BRONZE-WIM Monique Sischy (South Africa)

    Results (chess.co.za): (Men, Women)

  16. Photos from All-Africa Games
    (Lekan Adeyemi-Nigeria)

    Getting ready for Opening Ceremony!

    Nigerians had the largest delegation with 365 athletes!

    South Africa vs. Nigeria

    Nigerian delegation

    Kgaugelo Mosetlhe (South Africa), Bunmi Olape (Nigeria),
    IM Khaled Abdel-Razik (Egypt)

    WIM Denise Frick (South Africa), Oluwatobiloba Olatunji (Nigeria),
    WCM Feriel Lalaoui (Algeria)

    1. Kola,

      Chances would be remote. Certainly no GM norms. Besides GM Ahmed Adly, there were a handful of IMs there. However, I am not 100% sure. The rating average for nine games would have to show a performance rating of 2500 for IM norms and 2600 for GM norms.

  17. This was a very competitive tournament. I think South Africa could have won it had IM elect Nicholas van der Nat played. Well done to Egypt.

  18. I think SA’s Steel was the best player of the event. Even though Gwaze won gold. I suspect he will move on to become SA’s best player soon.

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