Photo Impressions of Ghana

Ghana Ghana Ghana

Schoolgirl from Ghana who I plan to send a chess set.

Last month, I traveled to Ghana, West Africa for the second time. Thirteen years ago, I was a doctoral student attending a technology conference and interviewing subjects for my research. Ghana was a bustling place with a lot of pedestrian traffic. I remember being impressed by the street vendors as I rode taxi cabs throughout Accra.

On this trip I was anticipating a different experience since it was merely an enrichment and not for work. On the schedule was a visit to slave castles which I missed the first time. I was also interested to see the Chinese-led improvements in the road infrastructure. What I found is that the street vendors are still in full force, but the roads are still in poor shape… especially during the rainy season. However, the people are full of infectious spirit, hard-working, friendly and optimistic.

I had met Ghanaian chess players at the 2008 Olympiad in Dresden, Germany and had contacted them beforehand to inform them of my pending trip. Unfortunately, I was unable to meet them, but I did give away a chess set a few Drum pens to children. Below is a link to some of the photos that I took. Hopefully, you will find them as captivating and enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Photo Impressions of Ghana


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