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Adekunle Elegbede has sent a report from Nigeria that the federation will hold the first stage of their Olympiad Qualifiers March 21st-27th. The field will include 118 players including 64 men and 54 women in a nine-round Swiss. Each field will produce 10 players for a round robin where the top five players will represent Nigeria in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia (September 19th-October 4th). Each federation will have until May 20th to submit the preliminary registration and the final roster of players must reach the FIDE Secretariat on or before July 15th.



  1. MEN

    Adebayo Adegboyega (Reigning Champion), Tolu Ogunwobi, Fawole Oyeyemi John, Tunji Rojugbokan, Demola Shorungbe, Olanrewaju Ajibola, Benjamin Omorere, Kolade Onabogun, Oluwole Koko, Toyin Jeje, Omapkeje Ochuko, Obubele Koko, Leonard Etuk Akpan, Anthony Job, Fola Akintola, Femi Fasheyitan, Allor Chuks, Rotimi Dashaolu, Bayo Babalola, Sunny Eyenge, Mutiu Salawu Douye Asingbi and Bimbo Ogunowo.

    The rest are Olamide Ajibowo, Adegbayi Oluwadara, M. C Cole, Ekpoikong Enagwe, Ubong Archbong, Austin Apemiye, Nosa Edogiawerie, Ifeanyi Okonkwo, Temma Ikorodudu, Madu George, F. Lolomari, Chima Mgbemgna, Ahmed Abubarka, Babatunde Ogunsiku, Ben Awomukwu, Ejika Uchewna, Ihejioka Okezie, Chike Anunoh, Bunmi Olape, Femi Balogun, E. A Samugana, Emmanuel Olaleye, Lolo Adeshina, Ekekuzi Chuks, Folabo Oyebola and Tope Ijisakin.

    Umar Abubakar, David Werr, Ezekiel Pam Anthony, Segun Tunde, Salisu Bashir, Sani Faralu, Meshak Othman, Tunde Oladejo, Karebo Okubaubeu, Charles Campbell, Bomo Kigigha, Pam Abdul-Dio, Robert Magomaya, Ninyawu Sabiya and Inimo Kigigha.


    Rosemary Amadasun (Reigning Champion), Doris Omoragbon, Vivian Dzaayem, Ada George, Ikoduru Temma, Madu George, Lolomari F, Kenechukwu Nwafor, Hafsat Bello-Osagie, Nkem Omisogbon, Esther T.I, Biodun A. O, Nneoma Aguta, Justina Aghara, Abiye Koko, Folashayo Togun, Monalisa Chikezie, Amara Nkwonta, Kenechukwu Nwafor, Nkem Omisogbon, Abiona Opeyemi, Mordiyha Usman, Rasheedat Alabi, Aminat Adio, Ruth Eli, Akala Tabitha, Noel Elizabeth, Frances Debole, Emoff Adoga, and Chinyere Annabel.

    Others are Chekwas Uwa-Obasi, Tolu Jeje, Phybian Omongbale, Doris Adebayo, Dupe Adesanya, Blessing Amadasun, Nike Ayanleye, Elizabeth Coker, Bimbo Edunwale, Rachael Dappa, Obi Jemide, Abdus-Salam Mardhiyyah, Rabiu Olabisi, Funmi Oyegunle, Tobi Olatunji, Lyan Ossai, Tega Enarevba, Hannah Opusunju, Tope Omofare, Somina Oyebade, Stehanie Elliot, Abigail Wuke, Uche Ezenwa, Mariam Ossai Adeola Bisiriyu and Debola Adeyemi.

    According to the article, Mr. Lekan Adeyemi stated,

    “All the invited players are expected to report on schedule for accreditation in the morning of 22nd and the first round will commence 1:00pm on schedule while late registration and exemption will not be allowed.”

  2. The chess players invited for the Olympiad Qualifiers are arriving in Lagos Nigeria today from all over the country. On Monday, March 22 at 1pm, the first round will start at the Sports Writers Association of Nigeria (SWAN) building at the National Stadium. The last game will be on the 27th of March. 10 chess players are expected to emerge from both female and male categories and they will battle it out in a round robin tournament to select the final team. May the best men and women win.

  3. Express report: Upsets may be brewing at the Nigeria qualifiers:

    Adebayo Adegboyega, an Olympiad veteran, who is also considered by many to be the best player in Nigeria did not make it to the Olympiad trial for personal reasons. His absence is significant but that should give room to other younger talents to emerge. Also absent is another Olympiad veteran Bomo Kigigha.

    With 3 more rounds to go in the 9 round Swiss first stage of the trial, non of the old veterans, apart from Bunmi Olape is on top. Many chess players are however with 4 points so anything can still happen. We shall see what happens in the last three rounds. It will be an upset if many of the veteran masters did not qualifier for the second stage of the Olympiad.

    Below is the results of the leading players in the male and female category. As at the time of reporting, Round 7 is still underway in the male category but over in the female category.

    Male section after round Six
    Inimo Keith 5 pts (Snr brother to Bomo Kigigha)
    Tolu Ogunwobi 5pts
    Olanrewaju Ajibola 5pts
    Bunmi Olape 4pts
    Edidiong Akpan 4pts
    Douye Asingbi 4pts
    Femi Balogun 4pts

    Female section after round 7
    Tobi Olatunji-6pts
    Rabiu Olabisi-5.5pts
    Funmi Oyegunle-5 pts
    Racheal Dappa-4.5

  4. Adekunle, Thanks so much for report. Although the veterans will be missed by the Olympiad chess community and for the purpose of a better result in the Olympiad, in my opinion, the inclusion of new and upcoming players in the team is a more important aspect in terms of the development of the game in countries like Nigeria. Attracting more and more young and talented players and encouraging even more new players should be the objective here than the difference in standing at the olympiad especially for federations that are not at the top medal contestant stage.

    We (Ethiopia) also just concluded our Olympiad selection national taurnament and although I have not received the official report yet, looks like we have more new and youg players than veterans in both men and women section. Our two veteran players Yimam Abera and Brihane Gebremariam were not able to qualify for the first time.

    I am planing to submit a story about it in few days hopefully with some pictures.


  5. Hey Kebadu, how are you doing strong man of Ethiopian chess.
    Yes I do agree with you. We need to be developing new talents. We also need to have a real dedicated chess program in place for them in order for them to get to the top.

    We look forward to the report of the Ethiopian Olympian trial.


  6. The Final results of the first phase. There will be a round robin to select the Olympiad team from the qualifiers soon.

    3) BUNMI OLAPE 6.5 —-
    4) CHARLES CAMPBELL 6.0 6.5
    5) OMORERE BENJAMINE 6.0 6.5
    6) IFEANYI OKONKWO 6.0 6
    7) INIMO KIGIGHA 6.0 6
    8) OLAMIDE AJIBOWO 6.0 6
    9) NOSA EDO 6.0 5.5
    10) ASINGBI DOUYE 6.0 5

    1) TOBI OLATUNJI 7.0 —–
    3) DORIS ADEBAYO 6.0 ——
    4) RABIU OLABISI 6.0 ——-
    5) VIVAN DZAAYEM 6.0 ——
    6) USMAN RADHIYYAH 6.0 ——
    7) LABAKE COKER 5.5 3,0
    8) FUNMI OYEGUNLE 5.5 2.5
    9) RACHAEL DAPPA 5.5 2.0
    10) TEGA ENAREVBA 5.5 2.0

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