Angola hosts CUCA BGI tourney!

Angola Angola Angola

The Angolan Chess Federation will hold the CUCA BGI International on May 10-19th in Luanda, Angola. The nine-round tournament will abide by FIDE regulations and open to players whose ratings are over 2200. The federation will pay 100% for the costs of food and hotel accommodation for the first 10 players registered for the tournament. The package includes also reimbursement of 50% airline tickets. Tournament registration ends on May 4th, 2010. The registration must include: FIDE ID, surname, first name, FIDE rating, FIDE title and passport details.

Registration contact:


  1. Hi Daaim
    Thank you for the broadcast. This is a sophomore installment of which GM. Simutowe (Zam) will hopefully feature as the defending Champion. The prize fund is equal if not actuarially more than the World Cup from the African perspective. A whooping 20 000 USD!
    I can attest to the fact that the Agolan’s roll-out the red-carpet for their visitors as I witnessed at first-hand during the inagural instalment.
    Let’s hope that we will witness a growing spectacular African chess exhibition coldroned with International players of note.

  2. Six countries out of the eight that have been invited by the Angola Chess Federation have already confirmed their participation in the Cuca S.A International Tournament, which will happen from 12 to 20 May.

    The information was given by Abraão dos Reis, who also said that the confirmations came from Portugal, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Russia and Nigeria, with England and Egypt still to confirm.

    The competition will be disputed in the Swiss system, with nine rounds.


  3. Hi To All
    I am in Luanda at the Iternational Chess Tournament Taca Cuca SA. I will be able to bring you some interesting games, pictures and some off the board happenings.
    I am otherwise busy so the info will be in brief form.
    For Results, pairing and Statistics we are updating via the ubiquitous website
    Stay tuned!!

  4. Happening this hour, GWAZE defeats Kobese.
    The two GMs Korneev and Galego play an uneventful draw.
    WFM. Mudongo beats the leading Angolan lady to take lead.

    Gwaze crushes opponent ( Jeovani Santos of Angola) in 17 moves and within 30 menutes!!!

    1.d4 Nf6 2c4 e6 3.Nf3 b6 4g3 Ba6 5Qb3 Nc6 6.Bd2 Bd7 7. Bg2 Nd4 8. Qd3 c5 9.Na3 Be4 10.Qe3 d5 11.h3 dc4 12. Bc3 Bb7 13.Rd1 Nd5 14.Qc1 b5 15.e4 Nc3 16.Qc3 b4 17.Qc4 ba3 (0-1)

    Gwaze now leads with 1,5 points! Other games heating up!
    GM. Galego Vs. IM.Kobese (Queens are off the board + Position balanced)
    FM. Domingos Catarino Vs. GM.Korneev Oleg (Slight advantage for Black)
    IM. Aderito Pedro Vs. Pascoal Eduardo : Unclear.

    Check pairing and results at website given above.

    Players settled for a double game today, the morning(a few menutes ago) saw Gwaze take on Russian GM.Korneev with white pieces in the driving lead with One full point clear.

    GM. Galego, after a peacefull draw with Kobese yesterday will hope to profit a full point from a Not-so-bad player (2234 Elo), Samoes Joao. Kobese will have to dig deep if he is to unearth a point from the good player Domingos Catarino (2238 Elo).
    It is conceivable that after this 7th round, a four way tie on 4,5 points between the two GMs (Korneev + Galego) and two super IMs (Kobese + Gwaze) will be prevailing. However, Gwaze may just simply run away with the event top prize if he can beat Korneev!

    GM. Nigel Short is to arrive in Luanda later today? I wonder WHY! Stay tuned. For detailed results and Stats go to :

  7. Happening This Hour:

    GWAZE – KORNEEV agree to a TRUCE after 18 moves!

    GM. Nigel Short reported to be at the Luanda International Airport!

    1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Nc3 g6 4.d4 cd4 5.Nd4 Bg7 6.Nde2 Nf6 7.g3 b5 8.Bg2 Rb8 9.0-0 0-0 10.h3 d6 11.Kh2 b4 12. Nd5 Nd7 13.f4 e6 14.Ne3 Ba6 15.Rf2 Qc7 16. f5 (Gwaze offered a Draw here!) Be2 17.Re2 Nd4 18.Rf2 Rbc8 (Draw Agreed!)
    Presently Gwaze is on Six points with Kobese and Galego vying for second spot with 5,5 (Not 4,5 as earlier stated!). Korneev is on 5 points.

    Other top boards Games are quickly reaching boiling point! Galego is facing a dead draw if opponent plays perfectly. Kobese may still win from a slight advantage.

    Stay tuned!

  8. Happening This Hour:

    Grandmaster Galego of Portugal shared the spoils with Simoes Joao (2234) and looked rather disappointed. He moves to 5 points. Opponent is on a credible 4,5.
    IM. Armindo Sousa (2200)clocks yet another win against home countryman Manuel Alberto(2140) to start at pole position with 5 points in the penultimate round.
    Kobese is locked in a tense struggle with Domingos. he has a Kingside attack on the cards, but opponent is defending well and is trying a counter attack of his own!!!

  9. Happening This Hour:
    Kobese held to a Draw! When Kobese pressed for a win, lack of experience, bulking under pressure and a bit of Luck for Kobese robbed his opponent a clear win. Especially being a whole Stead up!
    Several top players are One point behind Gwaze, who must now has one hand on the BIG prize! The event is his to loose!!!

  10. Happening This Hour:
    Gwaze eased into his chair literally a few menutes ago with the comfort of a clear point lead. He better watch out cause his opponent with the……Sorry have to greet an old friend quickly!!

    GM. Nigel short has just arrived in the playing hall accompanied by the federation President Dr.Jaime1

    Will come back soon!

  11. Happening now:
    As I was saying GM. Short is here in Luanda for two days on an electioneering campaign. From what I can deduce his course has not changed from what I was campaigning for in the last FIDE election. He is for the right course.

    Gwaze has just walked into this room and he proclaimed he won. Galego has prevailed against Domingos and Kobese and Korneev are locked in great struggles!
    Photos are plentifull here Daaim, time is the scarce commodity.


  12. Latest for the DAY!

    Kobese wins, Korneev Wins Now there is a THREE way tie for second place with Gelego. Gwaze has a solid lead of One point which now looks unassailable with the final round tommorow.

    The ladies section Results:
    Lopang wins now on 5,5, Mudongo wins and stands at 5 and Rosalino Sonia wins to total 4 Lopes and Guimaraes wins brings them to 3,5 respectively. This order may be the ladies ultimate outcome after final seventh round.

  13. I know what you mean about time. I have been tied down here in Kenya, but I met with Issac Babu and a couple of other Kenyans this evening. I will post as many pics as time will allow.

  14. Gwaze has won the tournament according to Congrats and hope we get to see the games soon!!

  15. Hi Drum friends!
    Sorry about the break!

    Yes! IM. Robert Gwaze is the Champion of Taca Cuca SA 2010 version. This is an international event like no other in Africa offering the best conditions and the best prize funds better than the Africa Individual Chess Championships!

    IM. Watu Kobese delivered a solid perfomance in this event beating GM. Oleg Korneev and drawing with GM. Luis Galego to mention top seeds. For this, he came SECOND PLACE. The loss to Gwaze clearly handed the top spot to the Zim star!

    GM. Galego secured THIRD spot by beating Eduardo pascoal in the last round. GM. Oleg Korneev was held to a draw by the Angolan Super IM. Aderito Pedro. He then was Fourth placed.

    Aderito Pedro plays chess in the same zone as the best Africa has to offer in talent. he has this unfortunate saga that every Cuca event he played has been marred by bouts of Flu! This time it was very bad and it subsided in the last four rounds where he sneaked draws all the way!

    I hope to find time to post Games and Pics soon!

  16. There is a rumour being circulated by a Zimbabwean newspaper that Robert Gwaze has earned the GM title. They state that this was on the account of his victory in Angola’s BGI tournament.

    Zimbabwe”s chess sensation Robert Gwaze made history by becoming Zimbabwe’s first chess GRANDMASTER. He won atournament in Angola which was a star-studded field.Some other Grandmasters took part in this tourney.He won the tournament with a full point.Since was now only left with one norm to become GM he managed to do just so.He is a history making and breaking chess player.He becomes Zimbabwe’s first and Southern Africa’s second Grandmaster,after Amon Simutowe of Zambia who got the norm two years ago.There was alot of potential fore Robert Gwaze and it has been unleashed in Angola.

    However, there were only two GMs in the tournament and it is required that a player earning a GM norm must play three Grandmasters and score enough points in the norm category. Hence, the claims of the article appear to be false reporting.


  17. Good luck in your hunt Robert. It does not seem that you are getting many opportunities so make the most of each one!! See you someday soon la! 🙂

  18. Hi drum friends!Please Daaim Shabazz,Jackie Ngubeni or Angolan chess federation…we hope to get to see the games and pics.thanks!

  19. hi friends!No games and pics!i don´t believe it.No problem..We have in africa to much problems.Thanks

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