Chess at I.S. 318: A Movie in the Making?

I.S. 318 has been one of the most successful scholastic programs in the U.S. Located in Brooklyn, they have won 26 national championships and boast a cadre of young stars that will help add to the tally. A wife and husband team of Katie and Nelson Dellamaggiore is trying to raise funds to film a movie about the school and have founded a company called, “Rescue Media.” The minimum goal is $4000. The company has various donor levels and offer a variety of awards based upon the award amount. On the right is a link to the promo page.

The video features interviews of a number of players includings several who have been featured here on The Chess Drum. Justus Williams talks about his aspirations and also his challenges. I.S. 318 star Alexis Paredes is also featured. There is also a young player who talks about how chess has helped him to grapple with his ADHD condition. Darrian Robinson and Rochelle Ballantyne are also featured. Elizabeth Vicary has combined her passion for teaching with the raw talent of the players and along with John Galvin have helped to created a powerhouse.

Alexis Paredes

Alexis Paredes

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