Titanic Battle: Justus vs. Josh II


Justus Williams and Josh Colas will face off in their second match. This match will be the best-of-five and Game/60 time control.

In October, two of America’s brightest stars faced off in a highly-anticipated blitz match in typical New York tradition. The match with Justus Williams and Josh Colas was followed widely. Josh prevailed 9-3.

Since then, both 11-year old boys have continued to improved and have soared over 2100. Given the parity of the two chess All-Americans, another proposed match has been scheduled for February 19th at I.S. 318.

Sponsored by Chess-in-Schools’ Shaun Smith, the five-game match with a time limit of 60 minutes. The games will be carried on Chess Live and there is a cash prize being offered in a winner-take-all battle. Stay tuned for more details!


  1. It is always good to support the future of the Game with matches like this one. I wish Good fortunes and good experiences to both players. As they would say here in Turkiye “Elinize sa?l?k” (‘Health to your hands’–good wishes to the gameplayers while they create with their minds and hands).

  2. Um lookin forward to this match sounds exciting, kinda like when Magic came outta college back in the 80s when the NBA was struggling financially, him and Bird seem to come outta nowhere then all of a sudden we are where Amazing Happens! Justus and Josh i even remember the 93 NBA championship where my childhood friend Cliff Robinson of Portland tried to stop Michael Jordan, do you know Mike hit the last of his 6 three pointer right in Cliffs face? Yeah we played ball right at Martin Luther King Park right here in Buffalo N.Y. . For some strange reason i walked away from the gym in Seneca Voc. H.S. and went up to the chess club instead of balling! I think its a science school now , but i still remember our motto in the auditorium it says, WHATEVER YOU DO LET IT BE DONE WELL. Bruce Lee wrote a book called THE TAO OF JEET KUNE DO, if ya get a chance check it out , he expresses the idea – the art of fighting without fighting. Hi Adia, Shaka all in the way with Fritz and Chesster i can barely get on the computer now ! Um trying to analyze a line in the King’s Gambit for BLACK! After 1e4 e5 2f4 ef 3 Nf3 f5! I dont know, maybe i gotta ask Fide’s highest rated guys,Um sure they must know, i think they got chessbase and all kinds of robots. Hey today is Rick James Birthday and we jammin on WBLK93.7 in Buffalo N.Y.!!! PEACE.

  3. The rematch between the two American All Stars is getting close. I am looking forward to a good match between these two Titans. I saw Josh play against Yacov at Liberty Bell, this kid is a monster! Good luck to Justus.

  4. It is very fitting that this match will take place during Black History month, because I believe it will be remembered for years to come as these two titans continue to excell in this intellectual endeavor.
    I will make it my business to be a part of history by attending this match which I am certain will have a profound impact upon myself and the entire chess community at large.

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