Guess the GM… The Amp Man in NY!

The makers of AMP energy drink have come up with an ingenious campaign that accomplishes several things: it creates brand recognition, establishes relationship with the consumer and gives the idea that AMP products are superior. The key is that they give a “ringer” a can suit to wear and to go challenge athletes in various sports. The can beat a playground basketball legend in a game of H-O-R-S-E at the famous Rucker Park.

The “AMP man” invades Washington Square Park, the equivalent of Rucker Park for chess where all the stars go to play pickup games. The can challenges oncomers and it is obvious that he is very strong. As kings begin to tip over at alarming rates, the AMP man gives a 10-board simul. One gentlemen reflectively sighed, “beat by a can.” Who is the man beneath the suit? At the end of the day the can scores 18/20.

Mutaurwa Mapondera, Lead Producer/ACD, shot the entertaining production and wants you to guess who the player is beneath the promotional can. Can you do it? Who is the GM?



  1. He doesn’t move the pieces like Nakamura and his mannerisms are a bit more animated. Also… he lost two games and I can’t see Nakamura losing two games against Class “A” and “B” players.

  2. I do not think it to be joel or nakamura, but greg shahade is the right height and weight and moves like that in speed . Interesting ,

  3. I dont know why but it seems like shabalov would do something like this. I laughed at the thought of ehlvest doing something like this but unlikely….

  4. Not Ehlvest! Shabalov… kind of hokie for him. You guys are supposed to pick the most likely, not most unlikely.

    They haven’t given the answer yet. It’s been a long time.

  5. It could be GM Varuzhan Akobian. His personality fits this type of stunt. Not sure he would come all the way from California and there is some much talent in New York…
    I agree Daaim this is getting old, The AMP folks need to let us know who the mystery GM is soon. Timing is very important in viral campaigns.

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