GM Ashley to release 2nd book!

Grandmaster Maurice Ashley is prepared to release a new book titled, “The Most Valuable Skills in Chess” by Gambit Books. This book is after his “Chess for Success” debut. The video below has some detail, but it appears that Ashley had adapted some of his material from his popular CD. I have not previewed the book, but below is a synopsis sent by his media firm:

by Maurice Ashley

The Most Valuable Skills in Chess by GM Maurice Ashley

Entertaining, informative and inspiring THE MOST VALUABLE SKILLS IN CHESS by Maurice Ashley (Gambit Books; Publication Date: September 2009; US$17.95) takes budding chess players from the basics through to game tactics and well beyond. Written by one of the highest-profile figures in American chess, GM Maurice Ashley, this book takes his charismatic teaching methods and packages it into one, easy-to-read, must-have for any lover of this character-building game.

Assuming no knowledge of chess beyond the rules, Ashley guides readers through the often confusing, world of chess tactics. “The approach is unique because it’s basically me,” he explains. “It’s the way I teach, the way I talk about chess, the way I think. You’ll find my love for martial arts in these pages, as well as my ridiculous love for the sports, story-telling and teaching.”

Ashley, the first African American Grandmaster, is known as the Tiger Woods of chess. He sees the game as a pivotal role in helping at-risk youth. He has coached numerous scholastic teams to victory in national championships, a number of whom have gone on to graduate from Harvard, Yale, Vasser, the University of Michigan and other top-flight US colleges. Maurice Ashley continues to travel the world inspiring, teaching and sharing his love of the game.

To download a sample of the book head to

“The Most Valuable Skills in Chess” is available to pre-order through

Maurice Ashley is available for interview. For more information or to request an interview, please feel free to contact me at this email or on 917 328 6632.




  1. Hi Shabazz,
    GM Ashley is an inspiration to me and I believe an inspiration to many others. I will purchase a copy of this book and use it in my Chess Club, Chessmates. We look forward to him visiting with us in The Bahamas at soe point in the future and sharing his love and knowledge of Chess with us.

    All the best from us in The Bahamas.

  2. Loved the video too ,Good presentation ,We love to see more of these promotions in every continent.This is doing something for Chess by a lover of the game.

  3. Well done Maurice and quite a fascinating perspective on the game of chess! Great interview! Yo Porter u funny I met Maurice a few times its clear hes a good person and equally unlikely up for your verbal joust!, however there are some of us who is quite fit for this type of banter! You know us ChessLovas!! Peace.

  4. Well done Maurice please continue doing all that you can do so we will we have a “numbers” attack at all of the tournaments! Love your passion for teaching the game!

  5. Great video Maurice, I will be getting the book soon, lets put chess on the map with material like this in the future!

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