Mission Accomplished for Simutowe

Amon Simutowe receives his certificate for the GM result. 
Photo by Ben Schulte.

Amon Simutowe received his certificate for the third GM norm at the Stimulans tournament in 2007. Photo by Ben Schulte.

The fans of Amon Simutowe have been asking of his whereabouts. He has been traveling throughout Europe and competing in tournaments. He has had a couple of good results (including =1st Zagreb Open) which should put him over 2500. We will wait for the official posting at fide.com. If the result is confirmed, he will most likely be granted the title in the next FIDE session. It’s been a long road for the Zambian who has primarily achieved the GM title without a trainer and very few resources.

I received this report from Filippo Nicolo of Italy:

Hello Daaim,

a few words to let you know that Amon Simutowe recently came sole third in the recent Verona Chess tournament Open A (7 – 13 April 2009) with 6 points out of 9 and should have gained the necessary ELO points to be appointed GM!

Here is the link with final standing for the tournament:


And the link with PGN games (need java applet):


Best Regards,

Filippo Nicolo

National Anthem


  1. Congrats Amon! It’s been a “Long Walk to GM”! In this day and era, be proud to say “I did it my way!”. I hope however it will be made a wide celebration Zambia authorities! Thus, “diplomat passport for GM.Simutowe” will be in order!!!

  2. Congratulations Amon…you deserve it!!. From that first time I meet you in Lusaka over 10 years ago…..I knew you had a bright future. Keep winning, now target 2600+

  3. Well Done Amon a truly brilliant accomplishment ! Apparently where you are is where Amazing Happens! The Zambian Shark all the way over there in Africa Wow! Didnt Ali fight over there in the Thrilla in Manilla ? He said ” I AM THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME” as he taunted Frazier by using a Gorrilla sayin ” it would be a kill and a chilla when i get the gorrilla in manilla”. Now some will think he only talkin bout boxing, however when you have young geniuses coming up and the get a look at that brilliance one day we will look up and you will see somebody named Michael Jackson making “The GREATEST ALBUM OF ALL TIME” and he will be singing the exact same thing and using a gorrilla like Ali !? Yeah that connection and that crossover thing gets deep man, and congratulations on being a great CHESS KING FROM AFRICA its clear many will follow. PEACE.

  4. Amon, Congratulations from your Dutch supporters.
    You can have some rest now and celebrate it in Zambia when it is officially published.
    Next to go for African championship and help winning with the Zambian team.
    See you some time in The Netherlands again.

  5. Interesting about their Anthem…it’s Nkosi Sekelel iAfrika..a few Africa countries’ anthem…also South Africa’s. (this anthem is a prayer)

  6. It looks like Simutowe got to 2500 before this tournament. He was 2486 and after the Zagreb tournament, he gained 14.4 points.

    1.50c To have achieved at some time or other a rating as follows:
    GM >= 2500
    IM >= 2400
    WGM >= 2300
    WIM >= 2200

    1.50c1 Such a rating need not be published. It can be obtained in the middle of a rating period, or even in the middle of a tournament. The player may then disregard subsequent results for the purpose of their title application. However the burden of proof then rests with the federation of the title applicant. It is recommended that players receive a certificate from the Chief Arbiter where they achieve the rating level during an event. Title applications based on unpublished ratings shall only be accepted by FIDE after agreement with the Rating Administrator.

  7. I remember that anthem. Those are beautiful words except they were not written with all South Africans in mind. Unfortunately, the comments below the youtube video are very revealing.

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