Team Profile

South Africa will field its strongest team in history with featuring four IMs George Michelakis, Watu Kobese, Kenny Solomon and David Gluckman.  Also included are Deon Solomons who is returning from a hiatus due to his studies and Jonathan Gluckman  who was the leading scorer in Bled with 6-2.

The key to this team will certainly be Kobese's presence at #2.  Kobese is a tough fighter and has beaten world-class players such as
Peter Leko and Judit Polgar. Michelakis scored a good result in the 2003 British Championship with 8-3, but does not seem to be very active. Nevertheless, South Africa will shatter their team score from the previous years.


South African Chess Federation

IM Watu Kobese

IM Watu Kobese

Drum Briefs

"Kobese wins South African Open with 10/11!,"  4 August 2004.

"Jerry Bibuld announces World Amateur in South Africa," 14 May 2004.

"New Star from Cape Town, South Africa!", 14 January 2004.