NBA Chess Jocks??

Here is a fun video advertising the NBA playoffs. It is one of the best sports videos of the season. When watching it, the reason is obvious… chess and basketball! There are countless analogies made between chess and various sports, but this video is perhaps the first time that chess has been the focus of an NBA ad. There are several NBA players who play the game. Perhaps Bill Robinzine of the old Kansas City Kings had the best reputation.

The NBA stars in the video make some interesting expressions and must have received some coaching from chess players. They even handled the clock fairly well.

Bravo NBA!


  1. Enough of my reminiscing about the Jordan-Pippen era. 🙂

    I like the NBA video. I’m thrilled to even see these basketball superstars at a chessboard. Basketball players have been playing chess for decades, but these men are all creme of the NBA and it can send a strong message.

  2. Non-chess players probably view the video as a way to highlight the thinking side of basketball. Which given its creator (the NBA) is probably accurate. Chessplayers will see the video as highlighting the brutally intense struggle that is the game of tournament level chess. lol

  3. I love the video.

    Those who don’t know basketball will think it is merely running up and down the court and hoping to score. I heard a chess player say this during a tournament. He said, “It’s just up and down, up and down.”

    There is so much strategy and science in basketball and the same skills needed by coaches and players are needed by chess players… time management, tactics, strategy and calculation.

    I hope we get some new converts. 😀

  4. For someone who has had the privilege of organising both chess and basketball tournaments at national level in Nigeria I found the video very stimulating.

    I posit that issues of time management, tactics,strategy and calculation would also be found in quite a number of other sports.

    I recall an instance where a coach from an eastern european country had used chess as a tool to aid the concentration of his football players !

  5. Hey Daaim, I really like this video a lot. This video of chess and basketball really hits home, and I think it will spread a very positive message to the community.

  6. Since in my youth, I played more basketball than chess, I am
    extremely happy about the NBA-CHESS commercial. Great
    Stuff :=) !! On a broader note it is nice to see a healthy melding
    of both physical/athletic and mental abilities!

    Kimani A. Stancil

  7. Yes! Apparently we can play chess, now yall brothers coming with the killercrossover thats gunna hurt them boys! Wow! Theses children getting a look at that video , yall done changed the world and its unlikely that yall know it. Now we know yall NBAers but dont think chessplayas cant hoop it up cuz WE CAN! Brother Shabazz i see ya went all Chi-town on me with Da-Bulls and Pipen getting sick with it, but how come you didnt get Jordan shooting those 6-3’s against Portland when he shot in Cliff Robinson’s face whom i grew up with playing basketball here in Buffalo , and a young Trevor Ruffin too! hahaha! Naw, dont show them that it would too much for the rest of the chess world to handle, you know the connection we actually have as a race of people, you know historically that connection gets deep. Peace.

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