Angola hosts BGI International

This story came from “The Hindu” website who apparently got it from a Chinese site. I have corrected some of the misspelled names. Not sure who “Jhonis Rober” is.

Angola Angola Angola

LUANDA (Xinhua): Angola is to hold the “Cuca BGI” international chess tournament from April 16 to 26 in the capital Luanda, a sports official said here on Friday.

Pedro Manuel, secretary of the Angolan Chess Federation (FAX), told reporters that great masters Luis Galego from Portugal and Amon Simutowe from Zambia will participate in the competition to be held in the Tropic Hotel in Luanda.

He added that the competition will also attract some other international masters including Jhonis Rober from Zimbabwe and Watu Kobese from South Africa as well as Pedro Aderito and Agnelo Amorin from the host country.

The official said the tournament will be played in round-robin system with games of 90 minutes and 30 seconds for each player.

The tournament is sponsored by Cuca BGI, one of Angola’s leading breweries, which offers awards to the first to the sixth winners with the gold medalist winning 400,000 kwanza (about 5,330 U.S. dollars), silver medalist 240,000 kwanza (about 3,200 dollars) and bronze medalist 160,000 kwanza (about 2,130 dollars).


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  1. Its clearly no use taking a bunch of 30+ year olds to play in a round robin.An Open tournament where youngsters have a chance seems appropriate.

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