HHCF gearing up for Kings II!

Hip Hop Chess Federation is getting set for their second Kings Invitational to be hel at John McConnell High School on February 28th. The event will feature hip-hop artists along with martial artist and chess enthusiasts. The HHCF has established a program with the high school and is making good on its committment to provide an avenue for the youth. Adisa Banjoko will invite such artists such as RZA, Rakaa (Dilated Peoples), Traxamillion, Amir Sulaiman and Casual from Hieroglyphics.


  1. I have an interest in playing in this event on Feb28th what a beautiful concept combining theses wonderful disciplines,does anyone know how to enter this event ? Hi Sophie! hehe! oh, the Afrocentric Chess Knowledge began here in Buffalo at the Obama event where i had black after 1d4 c5 2d5 d6 3 c4 b5(!) check all their old books and chessbase9 and it will be clear this idea is outside their sciences, this demonstration will continue throughout the year regardless of their ratings and titles.As Ultramodern practioners we do not concern ourselves with a biased rating system , apparently they believe there will be no genus sumus for us.Actually their” Elite Grandmasters” are still trying to figure out your “transboard action of the knight idea” you will see them trying to manuevere their knight to e6 or e3 so they respect us more than they let on.Hey ma “dogs” (slang: for gods) lets have a bit of fun with them cuz i know they will be reading this for they leave no stone unturned! Brother Shabazz i have yet to compete against their so called “Elite Grandmasters”, guys like nige short but when he has to face me over the board ,lets say the Genius of our African Science in the flesh, sorta speak ,hes gunna be looking for opening novelties but you know what were gunna hit him with MIDDLEGAME NOVELTIES! haha ! they dont have that in their books do they? Dont be surprised after this blog if they all of a sudden start refering to midgame novelties ,like they did with the Ashley draw rule ,then change the name to the Sophia rule as if it were their idea, we neednt worry though weve have quite a lot here. Brothers when you have some time, go to the U.S.C.F. website lookup Mark,Eddie who trained in the basic disciplines of Ultramodern Knowledge and you will see it took him only 2 years to make master whereas with the old science it takes 4 years or more this includes Fischer ,Garry, Karpov any of them,So we have a faster and more accurate science in place. Looking forward to meeting you all Feb.28th , Sophie how UMKnowledge doing now? hehe! Peace.

  2. Hip-Hop Chess Federation Announces Mind Over Matter II
    RZA, Rakaa, Traxamillion, Casual & Amir Sulaiman Gather
    for Chess & Martial Arts Exhibition in San Francisco

    February 4, 2009 San Francisco, CA – The Hip-Hop Chess Federation (HHCF) is proud to announce that they will be a hosting a FREE all ages event called “Mind Over Matter II”. This popular chess and martial arts exhibition will be hold on Feb 28th 2009 at John O’Connell High School in San Francisco. The HHCF is a non-profit organization that fuses music, chess and martial arts to promote unity, strategy and non-violence. Mind Over Matter II takes place at 2355 Folsom Street @ 19th from 11 AM to 5 PM in San Francisco.

    The days events include a celebrity chess tournament with RZA from such projects as “American Gangster,” “Afro-Samari” and Wu-Tang Clan, Rakaa from Dilated Peoples, award winning rap producer Traxamillion, Casual from Hieroglyphics and Amir Sulaiman. There will be a celebrity Life Strategies panel that will highlight the foundations of having a life strategy. Additionally there will gi and gi-less jiu jitsu exhibitions by Alan “Gumby” Marques from Heroes Martial Arts, Denny “300” Prokopos from 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu and rope dart master Don Kiolbassa among others. Past participants in HHCF events have included Josh Waitzkin, Eric Schiller, GZA from Wu-Tang Clan, DJ QBERT, Immortal Technique, Paris, Okwerdz, filmmaker Kevin Epps, T-KASH, Opio, San Quinn, Jay The Butcher, Sunspot Jonz, and MMA star Ralek Gracie among others.

    “In these times its very important that that young people get a chance to learn directly from the stars and athletes on how to make good life choices” said HHCF CEO Adisa Banjoko. “We greatly appreciate the time these artists give to the young people. We look forward to a big crowd, banging beats and making major moves on the boards.”

    WATCH HHCF COMMERCIAL FOR MIND OVER MATTER 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3O5wuckjcQ8

    For more information visit http://www.hiphopchessfederation.org email: gaborski@shinkenpublicrelations.com

  3. I just received a letter from Dr. Rene Gralla in Germany and he informed me of an interview he did with RZA. In the interview, RZA discussed his career, hip-hop and his chess endeavors. He stated that he would like to become an International Master (2400 ELO). For an unrated player, this is impossible at this point, but what is clear in the interview is his passion for chess. He probably means National Master (2200 ELO).

    It is completely in German, but hopefully we can get a translation. I used babelfish (https:/babelfish.yahoo.com) to translate the page and got the gist of the interview. I don’t remember meeting Gralla at the Olympiad, but he would like to conduct an interview with me so stay tuned.

    Source: https://www.chessbase.de/nachrichten.asp?newsid=8561

  4. Emory Tate was in the building!

    Adisa told me this…

    Bro, it happened out of the blue. Literally 10 hrs. before the event, my boy Cisco calls me from his house out here in the Bay….He was like “Emory is chillin’ with me watching TV”. Now, neither of them new the HHCF was the next day. I was like, “Ummmmm, what y’all doing tomorrow”? He was like, nothin’!! I proceeded to beg him to come out, and he was AMAZING….He was on the panel. He played RZA. He was one of the last ones to leave. He was laughing, joking, TEACHING the people. I thanked The Chess Drum closing the panel. ‘Cause I did not know about him until you. I told him that on the phone…It was all divine timing. In large part to your efforts.

    A report is coming soon!

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