Ilyumzhinov: Chess to be in Olympics

FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov was visiting the Asian Club Chess Championships and stated that he confident that chess will be included in the quadrennial Olympic Games in the future. He mentioned the progress being made in chess in various regions of the world.

My aim is to ensure that chess becomes a part of the Olympic movement and is one of the events in the Olympic Games soon. Today, FIDE is made up of 165 countries and we would jointly appeal to get recognition from the International Olympic Committee.

He was asked on which regions chess has grown the most and he had some pride.

Chess is now being played in all continents. However, Asia, Europe and America are organising more chess tournaments every day. It is nice to see chess even being played regularly in Mexico and Argentina. “In Asia there has been a boom of tournaments especially in Vietnam and I am delighted that the UAE is also contributing immensely to popularise the game. Shaikh Sultan Bin Khalifa Al Nahyan as president of Asian Chess Federation is a very active organiser of tournaments. I am also very impressed with the amount of young talent in this region.

At the last Olympiad in Dresden, President Ilyumzhinov made it clear that many of the rule changes were designed to impress the International Olympic Committee, but they were met with some opposition. It is uncertain how chess would actually fit in the Olympic Games and whether it would merely be a demonstration sport.

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  1. Incidentally, there was no mention anywhere in the article of Africa. The continent is basically forgotten in many of these discussions. After the way African federations were disregarded in the Olympiad, it is doubtful that any type of logistical assistance will be provided in preparing the region for the Games. Chess activity in Africa has actually regressed despite the addition of a number of new federations.

  2. Kirsan should also make sure the terrorist state of Israel is excluded from tournaments on account of their brutality in Gaza .

  3. Why not have Tiddly winks in the Olympics too, or dominoes, or snakes and ladders. No, seriously, Monopoly and Hungry hippos surely deserve to be in the Olympics more than synchronised swimming and that thing where they walk really fast but aren’t allowed to run…

  4. Another troll who knows diddly… (or tiddly) about chess, so he compares it to children’s board games all of which have little history, theory, science, artistry, or even prestige.

    Many people say chess looks boring because players are sitting still and not running/jumping around chasing a ball. Of course, those who say this should know that a chess player’s sitting posture is not a measurement of whether chess is exciting or not. If that logic was correct there wouldn’t be a such thing as an exciting book since we are merely sitting as we read. Looks boring, right?

    If you don’t understand chess as a sport, then your comments are expected. Maybe you don’t understand how golf or fencing is a sport… or even race-walking. You have your own opinion. Chess has its own Olympiad tournament every two years and it features over 100 nations who compete on one of the biggest stages outside of the Olympics. Even the World Cup soccer tournament doesn’t have more than 100 nations competing (32).

    I personally wouldn’t want chess in the Olympics for reasons different from the troll above. Mainly, it would duplicate the purpose of the Olympiad.

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