Grand Prix in Buffalo!

One unique feature of people from Buffalo is that practically everyone in the city has visited at least one foreign country. Sharing both a border with Canada and the famous Niagara Falls, it is logical that Buffalo would seek partnership in many endeavors. One happens to be chess.

The Kellogg Leadership for Community Change (KLCC) and the Archangel Chess Academy is hosting a series of Grand Prix summer tournaments. Having just come off the debut last weekend, the organization has planned a four-round, game/45 Grand Prix tournament for August 16th. Local Master Lionel Davis is set to play.

In the following week on the 23rd-24th the Grand Prix will have IMs Brian Hartmann and Dr. Kenneth Regan from Canada for a five-round 40/2 format. There will also be prizes for the scholastic sections. More details can be found by downloading the flyers for August 16th and August 23rd.


  1. Greetings brother shabazz your tireless efforts concerning the African diaspora is greatly appreciatedand thanks for the info on the gm title wasnt aware of their conditions. We will be doing our thing on the 16th and 23rd they got a few titled players coming down now,hehe. Peace

  2. Buffalo, NY is coming back as far as chess is concerned! accomplished players like Lionel Davis & Barry Davis, chess notables like James Davis, Doug Dubose, Ray Klein, ‘Mr. Gibson’, are being nutured once again by an active chess schedule in downtown Buffalo. kudo’s to Michael McDuffie “the Chess Ambassador” for his dedication to teaching & organizing chess in Buffalo, NY as well as gathering support from the local businesses & political leaders such as Mayor Byron Brown & Senator Antoine Thompsom.

  3. hi everyone i will be returning to buffalo NY on october 17th to play in the under 1600 section here info if anyone like to attend this event read below
    Oct. 18 Buffalo Kellogg Leadership for Community Change Monthly Grand Prix – Every 3rd Saturday GPP: 6 New York
    4SS, Rd. 1-3: G/45, Rd. 4: G/60. Main Place Mall – Upper Level, 390 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14202. Food Court has several vendors available during Mall Operation. EF: $50.00. No checks or credit cards onsite. $$GTD: $250-150.00. U1750 $80.00, GUARANTEED. Reg.: 8:15AM AND 9AM. $40.00 If postmarked no later than 7 days prior to the start of the tournament. Rds.: RD1: 9:30AM, RD2:11:15AM, RD3:1PM AND FINALS, RD4:2:45PM G/60. One half byes available if directed to tournament director by the prior round. Chess gear & supplies available for purchase by Sophia Lynn. Ent: Archangel 8 Chess Academy. No phone entries. Email: INFO: Mc Duffie – Chess Ambassador. Advanced entries greatly appreciated! Canadians Welcomed! NS NC W.

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