RZA launches wuchess.com!!

Capitalizing on the momentum from the hip-hop chess movement, RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan has launched wuchess.com. One has to credit Adisa Banjoko and Leo Librian for there pioneering concept of hip-hop chess. Although there were others who tried mixing the two genres, the Hip-Hop Chess Federation clearly gave the concept credibility and RZA’s voice and participation helped to cement the idea.

Visit WuChess.com!!

Interesting WU CHESS video featuring the late ODB
(WARNING: strong language)


  1. Hip Hop Chess & now Wu Chess!! These are great ideas that will get Chess back to mainstream popularity like the World Series of Poker is currently . Next, we need to get celebrity Chess on ESPN!Kobe,
    LL Cool J, Derek Jeter, Jay -Z, Will Smith, Jamie Foxx etc. play Chess. RZA is doing a great job of playing and promoting the game, if he continues along with a few other big name celebrities with a huge fan base both in the U.S. and globally, the sky will be the limit for the beautiful game of Chess.

  2. Adisa,

    Today, I was listening to all the cuts from the HHCF vids. When is the Hip-Hop chess CD going to drop?? You should get cracking on that! Tell RZA, GZA, T-Kash, D Labrie, Bigga Figga and Casual to put together some of those tracks.

  3. Sup y’all?!?! First of all, thanks for all the love- for real. Daaim you have been a solid supporter of the HHCF since day one and I appreciate that.

    As for the status of the CD, it is still in the works. It takes soooo much to get all these fantastic MC’s coordinated- as you can imagine. I believe though that before the end of the year, we should have something available to the public.

    Much respect to all the HHCF supporters and participants.


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