Emory Tate honored!

IM Emory Tate will be the honored guest at the Chess Festival in Gary, Indiana. It is known as the birth place of megastar Michael Jackson, but it is also a place where a young Tate began his rise to stardom on the U.S. circuit. Tate is a many-time Indiana State champion and there will be many players and fans present to pay hommage to the popular Master. Bernard Parham, the world’s chief advocate of 2.Qh5, will be present as well as standout junior Kayin Barclay.


  1. I am glad that Emory Tate was honored, and I hope more
    salutes of this nature can be given to him for his inspiring
    and conceptual chess play! As a young player, I learned
    much from Emory’s games(losses and wins). Thanks Emory
    for being you!!! Peace.

    Kimani Atiim Stancil

  2. Emory Tate won the round-robin with Parham,
    Ford and Barclay. Not Parham!
    Please correct this.
    Thank you!

  3. Daniel,

    I never got the official results or games, but when I got the e-mail message from you on the 16th, you ended a paragraph about the tournament saying, “Parham won!”

    … I thought you were saying that Parham won the tournament. I should have asked for confirmation. I’ve changed it… seems apropos for Tate to win the tournament!

  4. Kayin Barclay gave me these results,

    “Tate drew Sam, beat Parham and myself. Parham beat Sam and I. I beat Sam. The event went well and yesterday I was able to meet up with Emory at Borders in Hyde Park (the new chess playing spot)…”

    Results: Tate, 2½-½; Parham, 2-1; Barclay, 1-2; Ford, ½-2½

    Emory Tate

    is one of the most generous players there is when it comes to sharing his knowledge. Many people do not know this about him and take his legendary analysis sessions as something of a spectacle, but he is completely sincere. He is always has some interesting ideas he likes to share.

  5. Hey Tate ! this is one of your many fans that has seen you on many occassions at the World Famous Dupont Circle in Washington DC. Congrats on your being honored!!! We are all proud of you keep up the good work.


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