Chess Crackers (Mar/Apr 2008)

Here is an interesting position from an interesting Internet Chess Club (ICC) game. The 3-minute blitz game was between Zambian IM Amon Simutowe (Solomons) against Canadian IM Thomas Roussel-Roozman (Psychik) late last year.

Solomons vs. Psychik

Solomons – Psychik
ICC 3-minute blitz
White to move and win!

Here are the other Chess Crackers!


  1. It’s interesting that Anand’s win over Kramnik today had the exact same theme. Maybe Anand saw Simutowe’s game. 😉

    Vladimir Kramnik – Viswanathan Anand
    Melody Amber (Rapid)
    Black to move and win!

  2. Sorry for posting to an old position, but I like to go over the old tactics lab items and check my solutions against what is posted. Nobody gave the solve here but positional similarity leads me to Qf6 and Qf3 respectively. The first one looks easier to play as there are fewer threats in response. The second looks much more dangerous but I guess Anand was sure!! 😉

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