The Chess Drum reveals “Classics”

The Chess Drum

In commemoration of Black History Month and the 7th anniversary of The Chess Drum, I present to you “Drum Classics,” a presentation of images of chess events that may have been long forgotten. Over the years chess has become more accessible to people far and wide, but the manner in which chess touches millions are often untold.

Particularly, Blacks’ involvement in chess is often missing from the annals of history. Partly because of lack of documentation, Black players have been slow to build a chess history, but over the years have made a number of contributions. Despite a relatively modest presence in chess, players of African descent possess a zeal for the game and certainly contribute its universal appeal. Some of the images will capture this zeal and passion.

Drum Classics #1
Drum Classics #2
Drum Classics #3
Drum Classics #4

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