• Wilbert Paige Memorial: Round #3

    Wilbert Paige Memorial (14-23rd of July 2001, Harlem NY, Hotel Theresa)Round #3 (Monday, 16 July 2001) Pre-game analysis: Simpson-Colding features an old “Black Bear” matchup which should produce some fireworks. Both players are tactical and know each other style’s very well. Look for an exciting battle. Kobese-Simutowe features the “old”…

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  • 2001 Wilbert Paige Memorial (Harlem, NY)

    Welcome to the Wilbert Paige Memorial tournament! (14-23rd of July 2001, Harlem NY, Hotel Theresa) Brief Chess Biography NM Wilbert Paige Photo by Jerry BibuldNM Wilbert Paige, a Philadelphia native, first gained a serious interest in chess while attending West Philadelphia High School and played from 1975-77 on the chess…

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  • The Black Genesis of Chess – Moors of Spain

    Chess is a game that we all love and enjoy for its build-up of tension and it infinite possibilities. Black chess players have recently begun to make headway into the upper echelons of the international chess arena. However, there was a historical precedent for Blacks in a mighty people who…

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  • Meet Nigeria’s IM Odion Aikhoje

    IM Odion Aikhoje of Nigeria, the board two gold medal winner at the 1998 Olympiad in Elista, is an example of the rapid improvement of Nigerian players. Nigerians can be found dotting the tournament halls of the U.S., England, Africa and throughout the world. IM Aikhoje is admired for being…

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