With two GM norms, Hardaway charts course

Brewington Hardaway is coming off of his second GM norm in the New York Invitational. The 14-year old International Master continues to make rapid progress toward the coveted GM title. An interesting discussion took place at the Marshall Chess Club on February 20th, 2024, for Black History Month. Hardaway aptly corrected the moderator to include in his GM norm earned just a month earlier. It is easy to miss as “Brew” has earned five title norms (three IM, two GM) in a year’s time.

IM Brewington Hardaway

IM Brewington Hardaway
Photo by ChessKid

While Brewington is poised to become an African-American pioneer, he mentioned that his primary motivation is to be “the best he can be.” As we have seen many times, focusing on specific honorifics can be distracting and add unnecessary pressure to the task. The 14-year-old native New Yorker seems to be improving a light speed and his 7/9 GM was a sign of things to come!

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